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Garden lighting 12 Volt

You want to light up your garden simply and safely? You can do this with 12-volt garden lighting. You can light your garden using low voltage. This has several advantages. What exactly is 12-volt garden lighting, what are the possibilities and how do you install it? Not sure after reading this? Ask us for advice.

What is 12-volt garden lighting?

A popular way to light up your garden is a short description of 12 volt outdoor lighting. Easy, safe and reliable. It is a system for easily controlling garden lights. 230 volt voltage is converted to low voltage thanks to a transformer. There is less tension on the garden lights. Cables don't have to go very deep underground is a big advantage of this. This makes it safe and user-friendly to install it yourself. You can supply your garden fixtures with the right voltage for a pleasant light display by using Plug & Play. 

The advantages of 12-volt outdoor lighting

How does 12-volt garden lighting differ from other types of lighting? We are happy to explain! This type of lighting has a number of practical advantages, making it safer and easier to use. The advantages of 12v lighting in a row:

✔ The low-voltage system is safe to use, for animals and children.

✔ You can get started right away with Plug & Play.

✔ Economical with LED lighting, better for the environment and wallet.

✔ Can be installed yourself, even with two left hands.

✔ Ground cables do not need to be buried deep underground. Installing garden lighting with a 12-volt cable will avoid turning your whole garden upside down.

✔ Expanding your system is easy thanks to the construction of the system and smart connectors.

What is the best 12v garden lighting system?

Each system has its own pros and cons. The difference is mainly in the breadth of the range, smart capabilities, durability and accessories. in-lite is the best brand when it comes to 12v outdoor lighting. It has high-quality outdoor lights with a luxurious look and a wide range of fixtures. In-lite's Easy-Lock makes it easy to install this system yourself in no time. It is very safe to use, even with children playing in the garden. In-lite fixtures are of high quality, radiate luxury and use energy-efficient LEDs. You will receive a 5-year warranty as well.

In-lite 12 volt garden lighting

One of the best and perhaps the best-known form of 12-volt garden lighting is the in-lite system. In-lite is a durable, reliable, safe and easy system to control your garden lighting. It has all the benefits of 12 volt garden lighting as well as having the distinctive stylish design that sets the brand apart from other types of lighting. Although Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl sells several brands with 12-volt garden lighting, we focus on the products. It's easier for you to have an overview. 

More 12-volt garden lighting systems

In-lite is not the only brand we have in our range. We have two other options so you can get started in your search for lighting. Please note: do not combine different systems.

  1. Lightpro: professional Plug & Play lighting for any garden and you can make each system 'smart' yourself.

A sleek and stylish look is combined with innovative technology. Simply install and control your garden lighting and all you have to do is enjoy your lighting. A big advantage of Lightpro is that many lights are dimmable. A 5-year guarantee ensures years of lighting.

        2. Garden Lights: a simple system with many smart bulbs. You can change the light color to your liking.

Looking for a budget option? Garden Lights has everything you need to a softer price. It is easy and safe to install yourself. Then you also control your lights from your phone or tablet. Plus, you have the option to easily expand your system at a later date. Garden Lights garden lighting comes with a 3-year warranty.

12-volt outdoor lighting: safety first

You can come to rest in your garden. A safe garden is therefore the basic of every household. You want to feel at ease and you don't have to worry about your pets or children running around in the garden. The low voltage of 12v garden lighting makes this possible. It is safe even when a cable is damaged thanks to modern technologies. That's nice with cables buried close to the ground and even more with burrowing pets around.  You do not have to worry about safety when installing, if you simply follow the instructions even if you are not the most handy person yourself. Garden lighting installation doesn't have to be difficult. 

When do you choose a 12-volt garden lighting?

We know better than anyone how important it is to lit your garden well and attractively. That is why we select the best and stylish lighting for you. This mostly comes down to a 12-volt lighting system. Why? It is user-friendly and gives your garden the look it deserves. Easily connect outdoor spotlights, bollards, wall lights and ground spots to illuminate your terrace, garden paths and driveway or give special garden elements the attention they deserve. Use an outdoor spotlight or ground spot to highlight a tree when it is dark. 12-volt outdoor lighting also offers a safe feeling around the house. It helps you get your orientation and discourages uninvited guests from visiting. You control your lighting from one central point, the in-lite transformer. This means you don't have to switch on all the lights separately.

Garden lighting set 12 volt

You want a garden lighting set? A few ground spots are often not enough to light up your garden. You also need wall lights for around the house or bollards along your garden path or to highlight your plants in a border. With these, you can complete your garden. With 12-volt outdoor lighting, look not only for atmospheric and functional lighting, but also for matching products. A 12-volt garden lighting set consists of: outdoor lamps, a transformer, ground cables and any accessories. As mentioned, it is not wise to combine different systems with each other. It is more unsafe and it will also void your warranty rights. 

12 Volt garden lighting in 3 steps

Do you want to install 12 Volt outdoor lighting? You have to be careful, because you cannot just plug the lights into a power outlet. Your garden is lit from one central point with this system. You need at least three things to power your fixtures. First, of course, the outdoor lights. Choose the most beautiful fixtures that suits your taste best and see what you want to en-light! Your terrace, trees or fence for example. Do you need help? Use the Garden Lamp Finder. Secondly, you need an in-lite transformer. A transformer converts the 230-volt voltage into the low voltage you need for the 12-volt fixtures. Which transformer you need depends on how many fixtures you want to install. Note: a transformer should always be of the same brand as the outdoor fixtures. Third is cabling. You roll out the ground cables along your fixtures, This is the starting point of your 12-volt system, the transformer. Again, for safety, use cables of the same brand. Then it's time to connect everything and you can enjoy an attractively lit garden after dark.

12v garden lighting system

You are working with a system for lighting in your garden when you are working with 12v. Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl has plenty of options. 12 volt garden lighting of in-lite is a good choice, as is Lightpro. It is important to use all outdoor lights, connectors, ground cables and the transformer of the same brand although both systems use the same voltage. This will prevent malfunctions and other problems. This also applies to the popular and user-friendly Garden Lights system. Every garden is different. You have to choose a transformer that suits your garden. We are happy to help you find a transformer and 12v garden lighting.

Plug & Play: install 12v garden lighting yourself

A great advantage of 12v garden lighting: your lighting is ready to go on in no time. You will get safety by choosing garden lighting installation 12v. Connecting is simple thanks to the Plug & Play system. You really don't need to be an electrician to install 12-volt outdoor lighting in your garden. The system consists of a transformer to convert the voltage. Note: determine the capacity of a transformer according to the fixtures. Make sure you do not exceed the capacity of the transformer. You have to roll out the ground cable along the fixtures next. After this, you can connect it in no time. Do you need a branch? You can easily make one with the in-lite Easy Lock or Lightpro connector M. It is a good idea to draw the lighting on a lighting plan before you start. This gives you an overview of where you need 12-volt outdoor lighting and where to place it.

Lighting your garden in style with 12-volt garden lighting

12 volt outdoor lighting is available for any garden. With 12v garden lighting, you can create a garden according to your wishes whether you go for a modern, classic or country garden. Play with different styles and colors, such as stainless steel and corten or sleek fittings in anthracite or white. You choose whether the outdoor lights in your garden are a real eye-catcher or mainly focus on your special garden elements. The outdoor spotlights are also available in all sorts from the stylish in-lite ACE (see photo) to the subtle in-lite Scope. Discover the possibilities of a 12 volt system.

Create atmosphere with 12-volt garden lighting

Your garden should be a place of rest and relaxation. Beautiful and atmospheric 12 volt outdoor lighting helps you achieve this. You can give your garden that extra touch, creating an intimate and warm setting around your home in the evening with our wide range of outdoor fixtures. Whether you are looking for outdoor fixtures for your terrace, veranda, garden paths or garden elements: 12 volt garden lighting offers a wide choice that will suit your needs. you have to consider not only functional light to see everything in your garden, but also ambient lighting. You can think of warm white light from our bollards around your seating area. Or beautiful light images from outdoor spotlights to make your favorite garden features stand out.

Purchase 12-volt outdoor lighting for your garden

Have a look at garden lighting 12 volt for your garden. You will find everything you need for a safely and attractively lit garden in our web shop. From sleek wall lights to eye-catching outdoor spotlights. Available in various designs and colors. There is always something that will suit your taste. Buying 12 volt garden lighting is easy and fast at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. You do this safely thanks to Thuiswinkelwaarborg. Choose your desired delivery date and receive your order from €50 for free at home. You can choose to pay safely online or to pay afterwards! Get a 5-year warranty and enjoy your garden, even when it's dark.

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