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About us

Hello all, how nice of you to visit our website. Kind of strange to greet you like this because maybe we don't know each other at all (yet). Time to change that a bit because we have at least one, and maybe more, shared interest(s). Garden lighting and firewood!We want to tell you a bit more about our background, what keeps us busy, why we started this website and what goals we have. But let's start with who we are.

Who we are?

Jack en Carola op kantoor Jack (1969), started Tuinplaats, after an agricultural career, a cash and carry for gardeners, in 2005. Webshops were created soon for garden materials and firewood so that the products could also be offered to customers throughout the Netherlands. This also explains the combination of firewood and garden materials. The best possible spread of work was necessary due to his experience of seasonal work. Firewood during the winter period and garden materials in the summer were a perfect match.

After a few years, Carola (1971), who had a lot of experience in transport and logistics, joined Jack's company as a planner. And as often happens, not only the web shops and the company grew but also the love between us. From 2012, in addition to being a couple, we are also connected professionally and it has become our company. The mix of work and private life works very well for us (mostly 😊). We both have our own tasks and we work with a number of people in our customer service department as well as self-employed people who help us with the specialized knowledge and skills around our e-commerce business.

Timber and Silva (our Jack Russels) make our company compleet. Timber is no stranger to our Firewood customers.  He already "claims" his place in the marketing department. His adorable "sister" Silva is not so well known yet but give her 1 paw and she will steal Timber's place. They have been with us since they are puppy's and have their own place in the camper, our life and even in our web shops.

Digital nomads

What makes it very special to us is that all of our employees work at home. This desire was born with the purchase of our first motorhome. This freedom and combination of working and living fits us. So from April 2022 we live and work in our motorhome and tour through Europe. We didn't want to wait until our retirement to travel but want to make a combination of working, traveling and living that suits us. This is not only a vacation but we also need to work aswell. We, and our colleagues, were already used working remotely from home and this way of working suits our company. Also because of Covid it has become easier and better accepted to schedule business meetings via Teams as well.

As good as possible

Our goal is to make as many happy customers as possible with the products we sell. We don't have to be the biggest but we do want to do the best we can for everyone. We are always very happy with nice reviews. We put a lot of energy into consulting that is what makes us special. Where many web shops try to hide their contact information as much as possible, we do the opposite. You can call, email or chat with us! We are ready to answer your questions because we believe that good advice gives the best results. Behind the scenes we ensure that we answer your questions as quickly and effectively as possible. We work, as we all know by now, from home and from our camper wherever we are in Europe. So don't be surprised if we suddenly answer you in Spanish or Danish 😊.

Working remotely has given us many new opportunities. Of course a working day in the office is also fun and sometimes we miss the coffee machine with the Monday morning and weekend talks or a weekend drink. But it also gives us a lot of freedom. This freedom is not only important for us but also for the people we work with. And that makes it possible for us to work very flexibly and dynamically. We are used to work remotely and that translates into being able to give you the best advice.  Better tools are becoming available for this and we are also developing ourselves and all kinds of tools to help our customers remotely as much as possible. You can use, for example, the selection help. We also have the possibility of scheduling an online (video) call with an advisor.

Dream it, dare it, do it!

Our dream is to fully equip our customer service with experts who can help you with your questions in the best possible way. This makes it able to work and do business not only location-independent but also time-independent. In this way, together with our employees, freelancers and our customers, we can push back boundries. Everyone can do more than they think, especially with the right advice and instructions. You can already see this at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl, "surprisingly easy". With this we challenge you to work with us to transform your garden into your own paradise. Do you want to get in touch with us? You can use the chat function or send us a message at the contact page. We would love to help you!

With Kind regards, Jack & Carola