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Garden Lights | Kabelverdeler New

Garden Lights | Kabelverdeler

12 Volt / 150,0 Watt

tbv 6m/10m/15m/ SPT-1/3..


In Stock

In Lite Fix 1 | Blink | Wedge

Montage-anker voor BLINK en Wedge. Te gebruiken bij bevestiging wandarmatuur op afscheidingen van mu..


In Stock

In Lite | Plate1 | Black

Deze In Lite plate 75 x 75mm is bijzonder geschikt om de Flux 60,  Fusion 60 en de Hyve 60 een brede..


In Stock

In Lite | Plate1 | Stainless Steel

Deze In Lite plate 75 x 75mm is bijzonder geschikt om de Flux 60,  Fusion 60 en de Hyve 60 een brede..


In Stock

In Lite | Plate1 | Pearl Grey

Deze In Lite plate 75 x 75mm is bijzonder geschikt om de Flux 60,  Fusion 60 en de Hyve 60 een brede..


In Stock

Are you looking for garden lighting accessories? We have what you are looking for. We know better than anyone that you want to enjoy your garden to the fullest, even in the evenings as garden enthusiasts. Beautiful and attractive garden lighting should not be missed. That is why you will find everything you need in our range to get the most out of your fixtures. From handy gadgets for installing outdoor spotlights, extras for creating surprising light images, or a solution when something unexpectedly breaks. Give your garden lighting the attention it deserves. You can also let your garden bloom in the dark.

Garden lighting accessories for every fixture

Do you want a garden lighting accessory for your outdoor fixtures? You can choose accessories from the corresponding brand. You will ensure that you can enjoy the lighting to the fullest and prevent problems with fixtures and the associated warranty. Do you have Suslight lighting in the garden? Only choose the corresponding Suslight accessories. The same applies to the other brands you will find at our shop. In-lite accessories and Lightpro accessories are part of a 12-volt system, but it is not the intention to combine them with each other. Do you need help? Our customer service is happy to help you and will answer your questions.

Create new possibilities with garden lighting accessories

Get the most out of your outdoor fixtures like a bollard for example. Do you know what garden lighting accessories can offer you? The pleasant and atmospheric light images can be adjusted  to your taste even more. Think of the possibility of an adjustable light angle for ground spots or changing the light image with one accessory. Get inspired by the possibilities. Provide yourself with smart extras such as a motion sensor, but you can also protect your valuable equipment. Transformers are the basis of your garden lighting system. You can use extra protection if the transformer cannot hang dry.

It is easy to install garden lighting accessories

Do you want to install accessories? You can easily do this yourself with our Plug & Play systems. Our range has been selected for ease of use and safety. You don't have to be an electrician to install garden lighting yourself. You can make it even easier for yourself with accessories for your outdoor fixtures. You can think of:

  1. Cable splitters;
  2. Cable connectors;
  3. Water locks;
  4. Extension cables
  5. and a lot more.

You will find a solution for every problem with our accessories, also for your wall fixtures. Give your garden the attention and look it deserves. You can enjoy your garden to the fullest.

To purchase accessories at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl

Are you looking for garden lighting accessories? You are at the right place at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. We have exactly what you need. Have a look at our range of accessories, find your solution and order quickly and easily at our web shop. We will ensure your order is delivered to your home as soon as possible. We will deliver your order for free for an order from € 50,-. You can also count on a 5-year warranty from our brands and get energy-efficient garden lighting at home. Are you looking for new garden lighting? Have a look at our wall fixtures, ground spots and bollards as well.

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