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In Lite | Tips

How do you make the most of your garden? It all starts with garden lighting. Enjoy not one, but two gardens. You will get a literal difference of night and day by lighting in a stylish way. Garden lighting involves more than illuminating your garden. It defines how we live in the dark, not only on the outside but also on the inside: your outdoor space as an extension of your interior. We have listed some useful garden lighting tips for you to make the most of your garden.

Create a lighting plan

Lighting your garden involves more than choosing nice fixtures. Do you want to change your garden and are you looking for atmospheric and practical lighting? A lighting plan is a useful tool as a starter. You won't be surprised by pre-define the light sources in your garden. How do you make a lighting plan? We have a template ready for you! Read here how to make a lighting plan in 5 steps

Connecting ground cables yourself

Installing garden lighting in your garden is a fun job, but requires some preparation for the best results. Connecting a ground cable is the most important step to safely install your garden lighting. Connecting is not difficult and you can do this yourself, as long as you know how to do it and what to look out for. Do you still have the question: How do I connect a ground cable? We will have the answer for you.

Preparing your garden for the gardening season

You might need more lighting in your garden when you are planning to more outside. An extra fixture by the terrace or new plants you want to highlight. Our 12-volt garden lighting systems are easily expandable, and new fixtures simply connect to the existing main cable with the connector provided. Want to know more about what you can do for the new garden season? You can read it here.

To light up your canopy/porch

Do you want to create lighting in your canopy, but you don't know where to start? At Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl we have what you need whether you choose 12-volt system lighting or solar lighting. Before you know it you'll be enjoying the luxury of light in your garden with your step-by-step plan at hand. Follow these 5 steps for installing lighting in your canopy. Read on quickly.

Connect more garden lighting to your system.

The garden lighting systems in our range are very flexible. You can easily add fixtures later on or move the current ones. You can simply connect additional fixtures to the existing ground cable. You can do this with the Easy-Lock of In-lite, for example. Would you like extra fixtures in a place where there is no ground cable yet? You can arrange this by creating a branch on the main cable. In-lite has the CC-2 connector, but other systems also offer the option of branching. Do take into account the maximum permitted load of the transformer and maximum length of the ground cable.

Do NOT combine different systems

Do you want to connect in-lite lighting to another brand's system or vice versa? We advise against it, to avoid malfunctions. It is important to use 1-brand products and not combine different brands. The products are precisely tuned to each other, which reduces the chance of interference. Make sure your transformer, ground cable and accessories are of the same brand as your garden lights. Combining different brands within a system can also affect the warranty.

Garden lighting in autumn

To keep the lovely warm summer evenings outside just a little bit longer you can use garden lighting. But you also want to enjoy your garden when the leaves are falling from the trees and the days are getting shorter. Garden lighting is essential when you come home or still want to sit outside on a day with more pleasant temperatures. You can use garden lighting all year round. Have you installed atmospheric garden lighting in the summer, but still have insufficient lighting along your garden paths and around the shed? You can easily expand your garden lighting system in autumn by adding a few new fixtures. Get started right away and make the most of your garden, even in autumn and winter.

Garden lighting advice from Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl

We hope you will enjoy installing and will enjoy your outdoor lighting. Do you have more questions, prefer advice or want to order by phone? We are happy to help you! You can call 0320 200 400 for all your questions and advice.

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