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Go back to your garden: How do I prepare my garden lightning for the garden season

Spring has arrived: it is time to get started to fix the outside again. Don't forget your garden lighting in this case. Are all fixtures still burning properly and do you want to expand your garden lighting now that you can be found outside more often?

The first thing you can do is check the connection of the fixture to the main cable if there is a fixture that is not burning. Check whether the connector is still tight and, if necessary, try a working fixture on the connector. It is often the case that it is down to the connection instead of the fixture itself. 

An accident can happen just like that. You can easily fix the cable if you accidentally cut or stab it with a shovel. You can reconnect the cables using a CC2 cable connector.  You can connect a loose piece of cable using two CC2 cable connectors if you don't have enough slack on the cable. Remember that you can fit up to 50 watts of lights behind a CC2 cable connector and to cap the ends of the cables with Cable Caps.

You might need more lighting in the garden now that you will be outside more often again. An extra fixture by the terrace or new planting you want to highlight. The in-lite system is easily expandable and new fixtures are easily connected to the existing main cable with the connector provided.

I wish you many beautiful days and especially evenings in your garden now that all lighting has been checked, repaired and probably expanded!

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