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Why you need garden lighting especially in autumn

Is your garden ready for autumn yet? The warm summer nights make place for cold and shorter light hours. You will spend less time outdoors and will seek the warmth at home. Illuminating your garden may not be at the top of your priority list, but it is important during this period. Read here why autumn garden lighting is essential.

Never too late for garden lighting

You probably use garden lighting in summer, to keep those lovely warm evenings outside just a little bit longer. But you also want to enjoy your garden now that the leaves are falling from the trees and the days are getting shorter. Garden lighting is indispensable when you come home or still want to be outside on a day with more pleasant temperatures. You can use garden lighting all year round. Have you installed atmospheric garden lighting in the summer, but still need a little more lighting along garden paths and around the shed, for example? Thanks to 12-volt garden lighting you can easily expand your garden lighting system in autumn by adding a few new fixtures. Get started right away and make the most of your garden, even in autumn and winter.

Prevent winter blues during darker days

A well-known phenomenon when it gets dark is a winter dip. Do you have less energy in autumn? Enjoy your garden and create little moments of happiness. Your garden is not only a place of relaxation in summer. Beautiful outdoor lighting gives your garden extra atmosphere and cosiness and a sense of security. There will be no different in autumn. You could use some extra warmth when it gets darker and colder earlier. Warm white light of bollards around your terrace will help. It immediately makes your garden a lot cosier! Enjoy, for instance, a beautiful sky or sunset while you sit there cosily.

Feel safe in the dark with garden lighting

Garden lighting will bring you more than atmosphere. It will give you a sense of security as well.  It can be hard to find your way in the garden when it's dark. It will be nice that your ground lights and bollards can be switched on when you are near your driveway or that your wall fixtures turn on when you walk along the fence. You can control this with the in-lite MOVE, for example. This motion sensor signals to the lights when you move and ensures that they will illuminate your garden for a set time. Motion sensors are available for various brands. Garden lighting is useful to scare of a intruder during the darker seasons.

Let your garden lights shine in autumn

Your garden will always have special plants although the leaves are falling from the trees. Whether it is a stately tree or a subtle shrub: installing garden lighting in autumn makes your garden shine. Highlight the most beautiful garden elements by literally putting them in the spotlight with outdoor spotlights. Place accent lighting near statues or planting by simply inserting a spotlight into the ground. You can also see the light from your garden from inside your living room, making you feel less cooped up when it's too cold to go outside.

A perfect light image with dimmable autumn garden lights

Do you have dimmable lights? You need less light to ensure enough visibility in autumn. Outdoor lighting already works faster with less leaves on the trees. So you can turn down the light setting a little. You can use the Lightpro Castor outdoor spotlights or in-lite DISC pendant and wall lights for example.

Getting your garden ready for autumn with these gardening tips

Safe and atmospheric outdoor lighting is essential. But you have to keep in mind that the greenery and other garden elements also want some attention after the summer. We have a few other handy garden tips to make sure your garden is fully autumn-ready:

Give your garden a good trimming;

Put your summer plants inside;

Remove autumn leaves;

Mow your lawn properly once;

Winterize your pond;

Hang some food for birds;

Plant your bulbs in advance for spring plants.

See more garden lighting tips for all year round.

Prevent intruders: light up your home

Uninvited guests are not welcome. Yet a dark house is tempting for them. Make sure you have good lighting to put a stop to this. A motion detector is ideal for this. Do you have outdoor fixtures from in-lite? The in-lite MOVE is ideal! The fixtures will switch on when movement is detected. Illuminating your garden scare of intruders. You can put wall lights near your entrance or along your garden path. Have a look at wall lights or garden path lights.

Solar garden lighting in autumn

Do you have or are you looking for solar outdoor lighting? Solar lightning is ideal to easily provide your garden or balcony with some extra light. Can you use solar lightning in autumn? Yes you can! Most of Luxform's outdoor lights use Solar Intelligent Hybrid technology. This is an intelligent energy management system that ensures you always have enough light. By placing the fixture in a sunny spot during the day, the battery is optimally charged. When the fixture is in the shade during the day or when there is no sun for a few days due to bad weather you can recharge the fixture with the included USB cable. It is also possible to set the light output slightly lower in autumn and winter. This distributes the energy better and ensures you have shining solar lights in the dark.

A safe and attractive garden in autumn and winter

We hope everyone enjoys their garden as much as we do at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. A well-lit garden is a safe and pleasant garden. Pleasant orientation, accent and mood lighting give your garden the comfort and feel your garden deserve. The possibilities are endless. You'll get through autumn and winter in style with Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. See what installing garden lighting in autumn can do for you! Have a look over here for more garden lighting inspiration.