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Garden Lights system

Garden Lights system
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Many people will choose a lighting system. This is because it is a simple way of controlling your garden lighting. A Plug & Play system ensures that you can enjoy atmospheric garden lighting in no time. You will also find this in the Garden Lights system. This will give your garden even more appearance. The stylish and modern designed outdoor fixtures will give your garden a pleasant appearance, during the day and when it is dark. Create an oasis of peace and relaxation with just three elements: a transformer, a ground cable and fixtures. What belongs to the Garden Lights system? You will find this in our range at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. We explain it to you in this video.

The 3 parts of the Garden Lights system

The Garden Lights system consists of three parts. It starts with the Garden Lights transformer. This is the foundation of your system. From here, 230 volt voltage is converted into 12 volt low voltage. This is then transported by your Garden Lights ground cables to your Garden Lights outdoor fixtures. Because a lower voltage is used the system is safer. It is more user-friendly, because you can control all your lighting from 1 place. You regulate your Garden Lights lighting with the transformer. The type of transformer you need depends on the installation rating of all your fixtures added up together.

Simply connect your Garden Lights system

Do you want to connect your garden lighting yourself? This will be no problem with the Garden Lights system. It is easy to use and will be safe as well. You don't have to be a professional to install the lighting without any problems. It is also safe for children and animals. The transformer will provide a low voltage so you do not immediately have a short circuit in the event of damage. The ease of use is a big advantage. You can connect your fixtures to the ground cables in no time with the Garden lights connectors. The transformer takes care of the voltage distribution over the cables to your fixtures. Here you will find an extensive system explanation of Garden Lights outdoor lighting.

Smart lighting from Garden Lights system

The Garden Lights system can also be made smart besides being user-friendly and safe. Now that the world is becoming more and more 'smart', your garden lighting can of course not be left behind. That is why more is possible than just using a light sensor or motion detector. The Garden Lights Switch helps you control your lighting remotely. It is even possible to give a number of fixtures, such as the Garden Lights Gilvus Plus, a different light color using two color wheels. This is ideal for creating an intimate setting. Other examples of smart lighting are: Garden Lights Focus, Arcus, Arco and Rubum.

Order your Garden Lights system safely at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl

Do you want to use the Garden Lights system? We have exactly what you are looking for at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. You can easily order Garden Lights parts at our web shop from a transformer to connectors. Pay safely and securely thanks to the Thuiswinkel Waarborg label. We will ship your order immediately and deliver for free from €50 to your home. You will also get a 3-year Garden Lights warranty as well. Do you want to complete your garden lighting? Have a look at Garden Lights wall fixtures and Garden Lights bollards for a complete Garden Lights set.

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