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Balcony Lights

Balcony Lights

Are your looking for balcony lighting outside your home? Explore our wide range of garden lights for your balcony. Scroll over to have a look at our products and get inspired.

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in-lite | ACE Down Flat Grey | Wall Lights | 230V

100-230 Volt / 4,5 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V is uitsluitend geschikt voor aansluiting op het netstroom. Dit maa..


In Stock

in-lite | ACE Down Silver | LED | Wall lights | 230 Volt

100-230 Volt / 4,5 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V is uitsluitend geschikt voor aansluiting op het netstroom. Dit maa..


In Stock

in-lite ACE Up-Down Flat Grey | Wall lights | 230 Volt

100-230 Volt / 8,5 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V is uitsluitend geschikt voor aansluiting op het netstroom. Dit maa..


In Stock

Do you have a balcony at home? You will also need lighting for this place! You prefer to sit outside when you want to relax in the evening and it is still nice and warm. With the right lighting, you can make it even more atmospheric than during the day. It will be even more attractive to be outside. Lighting your balcony is easy with just a few lamps. Go for a nice table lamp, a stylish wall lamp or a bollard in the corner of the balcony. Discover the possibilities and find inspiration at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. We are happy to help you to find the best lighting for your garden and balcony. 

Different kinds of Outdoor Lighting for your Balcony

What kind of lighting do you choose on the balcony? The most important thing is to have enough light on your balcony, but you also want to ensure a warm and pleasant atmosphere. This is why table lamps are ideal for placing outdoors. You put them on the table or you can put them on the ground. Another advantage: Luxform's table lamps are also available on legs, so you can also use them as a bollard. Another way to light up your balcony are outdoor wall fixtures. You'll immediately notice a fine light image with just one wall fixture on your balcony. Do you have a larger balcony? Then you can place a wall fixture every 2 to 2.5 meters. Looking for something different? have a look at:

Bollards: with a ground stake, you easily set this fixture in the ground.

Wall fixtures 230 volts: For these wall lights, you only need a socket.

Pendant lights: Do you have a ceiling on your balcony, maybe from a upstairs neighbor? Then you can mount a pendant light at the ceiling.

Spotlights: Do you have space for this? Incorporate ground spots into the floor of the balcony.

Solar balcony lights

A popular and easy way to light up your balcony is with solar lights. Use the solar energy on your balcony to ensure that your lights are charged during the day. For example, Luxform's outdoor lights are ideal for outdoor use. This is balcony lighting without electricity. All you need is some sunlight during the day, but thanks to smart technology, they are energy-efficient. Many of the fixtures can be charged with a USB cable. This is only necessary when there is no sun for a long time or it rains for a long time. Choosing solar fixtures as balcony lights have a number of advantages:

Easy to install;

Only needs the sun, no energy costs;


Smart balcony lights

Do you want to control your balcony lights from your pocket? You can turn your outdoor lights on and off from your smartphone or tablet with smart outdoor lighting. You will need system lighting, such as a 12-volt garden lighting. All lights can then be controlled from 1 central point. You can create scenes or, as with Garden Lights, use a color wheel to change the color of your outdoor lights with an app on your phone. For brands like Lightpro or Garden Lights, you can use a 'Switch'. You can connect this to your garden lighting system and instantly make your garden lighting smart. Check out the garden lighting accessories for this.

To purchase balcony lighting

What kind of lighting do you choose for your balcony? Discover our product range and have a look at solar garden lighting for your balcony. Order your garden lighting easily online at our web shop. Add the products to your shopping basket and shop safely thanks to Thuiswinkelwaarborg. We will deliver your new lighting fixtures free of charge when you order from €50! Still looking more inspiration for your garden? Check out the Luxform Chelsea or Luxform Samba and you can enjoy summer evenings at home before you know it. You can find even more outdoor inspiration here.

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