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Garden lighting for your fence

Garden lighting for your fence

Do you want to install lighting on your fence? You can choose wall fixtures, but have a look at outdoor spotlights as well. Be inspired by our range and discover which garden lighting is most suitable for you!

Do you want to illuminate your garden without taking up too much space? Garden lighting for a fence is an ideal solution. A fence or wall will provide a bit of privacy in your garden, but with the right outdoor fixture you can create a beautiful setting where you can relax or create a pleasant walkway with sufficient light. It will provide a sense of security. You will turn your garden wall into more than a functional garden fence. Read why you use wall fixtures and give your garden the look it deserves.

Make better use of your garden

Do you want to stay outside in the dark on your lounge set with good weather or do you want to create a safely garden path with sufficient light? You can place garden lighting on your fence to make even better use of your garden. It can help you find your keys in the dark and will help you design your outdoor space. Your garden lighting on the fence will express who you are with striking or serene fixtures. With brands such as in-lite, Lightpro, Garden Lights and Suslight you can experience the value of beautiful light and a sleek design.

Benefits of fence lighting

Placing garden lighting on your fence has several advantages. You will en-light your garden, know where to find your way and can sit outside longer. Lighting will also scare off burglars. It can also be useful to connect your outdoor lighting to motion sensors. What is the best lighting for your fence? Have a look at the options and read on for more options and explanation. Are you stuck? You can contact us! We are happy to help you!

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Garden Lights | OVAL 28 New

in-lite | ACE Down Flat Grey | Wall lights

12 Volt / 3,0 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE DOWN geeft een gerichte bundel licht en is geschikt voor montage aan een muur of sc..


In Stock

in-lite ACE Up-Down Flat Grey | Wall lights | 230 Volt

100-230 Volt / 8,5 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V is uitsluitend geschikt voor aansluiting op het netstroom. Dit maa..


In Stock

in-lite | ACE Up-Down Flat Grey | Wall Lights

12 Volt / 6,5 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE UP-DOWN geeft een gerichte bundel licht in twee richtingen. Het armatuur is geschik..


In Stock

Lightpro | IXION | Wall light

100-230 Volt / 6,0 Watt



In Stock

Down lights as garden lighting on your fence

We have a wide range of wall fixtures. You will find several brands in our range. Have a look at the different shapes and different colors. This does not only depends on taste, but a distinction can also be made in the light image. You can use this to create a certain setting or you can highlight what you find important. Many garden lights for the fence are down lights. This are fixtures whose light beam shines downwards. You can use this when you want to light plants next to your fence or in front of a garden path. It will provide enough light and does not dazzle.

Put your outdoor furniture in the spotlight

Outdoor spotlights are not only suitable for the ground, but can also be used as lighting on your fence to illuminate outdoor furniture. You can always find something that suits your taste with wall fixtures. Place up-down lights on your fence as garden lighting for a beautiful beam of light both downwards and upwards. Do you prefer a chic look? With an all-round shining wall fixture you will create a relaxed and intimate setting. You can use the Lightpro Polaris for this. Do you prefer a more playful light image? A striking design can be found in the in-lite BLINK, Lightpro KUMA (see below) and Suslight Sphere.

Mounting garden lighting on your fence

You can easily install garden lighting on the fence yourself. Anyone can do this with the right tools and a manual. Drill a hole in the wall in which you can put the screws of a mounting plate or a fixture to ensure that a wall fixture is properly attached. You need to do this on the thickest part of your fence. The number of holes and the size is of course different per fixture. You can connect the fixture to a ground cable at the back of the wall after you have mounted the wall fixture. You can use an extension cable when your fixture is placed at a certain height.

Do you have questions about garden lighting for your fence?

Do you still have some questions about the lighting for a fence after reading this article? Have a good look at what you want to illuminate and how. Have a look at our range of wall fixtures and find the right fixture for your fence. Are you stuck? Don't worry, Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl is happy to give you advice. You can also read our other blogs for even more garden lighting inspiration. We want to wish you good luck with installing your garden lighting! We are curious about the result of your fence! You can share your end result at info@tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl.