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Lighting for your garden path

Lighting for your garden path

You can illuminate a garden path in different ways. You can use bollards, ground spotlights, outdoor spotlights or even wall fixtures if your path goes past your house or a fence. What are the possibilities and what are the best options? Find garden path lighting that makes your garden shine in the dark.

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in-lite | ACE Flat Grey | Bollards

12 Volt / 3,0 Watt

Staand armatuur ACE geeft een strijklicht dat geschikt is voor het verlichten van een pad of oprit. ..


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A little extra light is never wrong when its dark. It is necessary to find your way when you walk around the house and in your garden. That is the functional side of garden path lighting. Where you place your fixtures is the basis to create atmosphere in the evenings. A will garden bloom when it is dark by lighting it in a stylish way. And a garden also deserves attention in the evening as well. DO you want to install lighting along your garden path yourself? You can use bollards or you can choose several stylish ground spots. You can also create different light images through a surprising placement of fixtures. We will explain this later on.

Place sufficient lighting along your garden path

You can illuminate a garden path the way you want. You can place several outdoor fixtures for sufficient light at your garden path. Distance can differ per fixture: advice is often given for this per fixture. It is wise to place Bollards every 2 to 2.5 meters for sufficient visibility. With ground spots it also depends on the size of the fixture, but this is about 1 to 2 meters. Are you looking for the right garden lighting for your garden path? We have listed the top 3 best garden path lighting from our brands.

3. in-lite LIV

We start of this list with the in-lite LIV. This bollard is one of the most popular fixtures in the range for a reason. You can find this kind of bollard in many modern gardens these days. The sleek design in combination with the warm white light that shines all around makes it a stylish solution to illuminate your garden path. You will always find a fixture in your style. The fixture is available in Dark Grey, Rose Silver and White. Looking for a more robust version? The Corten version will be the one for you. This fixture can also be used to illuminate high and low plants. The in-lite LIV LOW is for slightly less tall greenery. You can also illuminate your terrace with the in-lite LIV.

2. in-lite HYVE

Do you want to illuminate your garden path in a creative way? Turn your garden path into a beautiful starry sky with subtle ground spots from the in-lite HYVE series. You can use the HYVE 22 and HYVE 60 in different places in your garden path. This will provide your garden  with a special and natural light image. The HYVE has a chic appearance. The fixture has a lens with a honeycomb structure and is finished with a stainless steel ring. These garden spots are easy to incorporate into concrete products, wood and natural stone. These ground spots match with other fixtures of the in-lite system and are also suitable for driving over. This also makes it ideal for lighting the driveway.

1. in-lite ACE

The in-lite ACE is a real winner for illuminating your garden path. This is a bollard, just like the LIV. This fixture has an even more modern design. You can make the grazing light shine closer or further away with the rotatable LED fixture. This gives a special light image on your garden path or on your driveway. This outdoor fixture is available in 5 different colors, so there is always an ACE matching your taste. It can be mounted on a hard surface or with a ground stake in a soft surface. Do you want to complete your garden lighting in style? You will also find a matching wall fixture in the same series which you can hang on your wall or fence. A worthy number 1 in this list.

Bollard as Garden lighting 

One of the most popular ways to illuminate your garden path is using a bollard. You can choose bollards as garden lighting to be able to orientate yourself, but also to create a bit more atmosphere. You can also illuminate your plants in style, for example in a border with a bollard. The all-round light gives a beautiful and pleasant light image. It does not dazzle and brings extra atmosphere to your garden. You can easily install the lighting for your garden path yourself. You can think of 12 volt garden lighting, a handy system lighting, or solar lighting.

To put your outdoor lighting for your path together

Do you want to put your lighting for your path together yourself? Get inspired by our range. You can make a mix between different sizes of ground spots, such as the in-lite FLUX. This will create a special light image. You can easily install more lights later on, because this lighting system is expandable. Do you prefer bollards as garden lighting? You can place the fixtures every 2 or 2.5 meters for an ideal light image. Do you need help to compile your garden lighting together? You can ask us for advice!

To purchase garden path lighting

Are you still unsure of how to illuminate your garden path? Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl is happy to help you. You have come to the right place for advice and for an extensive range of bollards & stylish ground spots for your path. Do you need help lighting your garden house or are you looking for garden lighting for a fence?  You will always find the outdoor lighting that suits your garden and tastewith our different brands. Experience yourself what garden lighting can do for you.

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