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Garden lighting for your border

Garden lighting for your border

Beautiful greenery in your garden deserves enough attention even after dark.You can make it shine with the right garden lighting for a border. You can choose bollards, garden spotlights, ground spots and even wall lights. Have a look at our range and find lighting in your style and taste.

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A garden should be in bloom. A popular way to add some extra green to your garden is to plant a border. Such a nice (raised) strip of land with plants will bring more life into your garden. pay attention to. We are happy to explain!

To light different types of borders

A nice thing about garden lighting in a border is that it can be placed in all directions. From subtle outdoor lights to present bollards: You can place any type of lighting in your border, nothing is to crazy. It can also produce striking light images. Moving shadows are created as the plants stand among the vibrant greenery. First of all, it is good to consider what kind of planting you have. You will need a different type of garden lighting with much larger plantings, such as shrubs and tall plants than if your plants are a little lower.

Garden lighting for tall plants in a border

For lighting shrubs or ornamental grasses, it is nice to light with some outdoor spotlights. The greenery jumps out of your garden if you will light them from below. The in-lite SCOPE is a perfect solution for this. It will accentuate your plants in an atmospheric way. Its bigger brother can be used to illuminate a tree. The MINI SCOPE DUO is adjustable and will stand stylishly among taller plantings. Do you want to change the light pattern, e.g. for different seasons? The Lightpro Castor outdoor spotlights are a solution for this. The in-lite SWAY is there to let your garden breathe even more. This bollard is flexible and will move along with the planting. The all-round shining light creates a beautiful floating light image.

Place border lighting between low plants

Bollards are also very suitable for lower planting in addition to outdoor spotlights. These fixtures will extend above the plants. The in-lite LIV, for example, has a beautiful all-round light, just like the Suslight Sense, which puts a blanket of light over the greenery. The bollard remains a popular fixture in every modern garden. You can choose the in-lite SWAY LOW or the in-lite DISC series for garden lighting in a border to stay closer to nature. The Disc will stand firmer in the ground and is perfect as mood lighting in borders.

Lighting a border from above

Do you have a border along a fence or other garden wall? It is also possible to put your border in the spotlight from above with garden lighting. A beautiful light is created from above by attaching wall fixtures. The Suslight Square, available in several colors, is a nice wall fixture suitable for this. It is a bit similar in design to the popular in-lite ACE and distinguishes itself with a square shape. Do you have a garden with a more exclusive look? The Lightpro Kuma is suitable for every garden and has a pleasant warm white light. You can also attach outdoor spotlights to a wall or fence for lighting from above.

Purchasing garden lighting for a border

Do you want to purchase garden lighting for a border? It's time to determine what your wishes are with the right tips in your pocket. It is useful to make a lighting plan before you start installing garden lighting. This is a drawing where you place all your lighting, including the border lighting. Have a look at our wide range of outdoor fixtures and get started. Do you still have some questions left? We are happy to help you as an online garden lighting specialist!

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