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In-lite | Ground Cable | plug & play| 5 years warranty | safe

In-lite | Ground Cable | plug & play| 5 years warranty | safe
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You use a ground cable to connect your garden lighting. You can find in our range of Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl a ground cable especially for in-lite garden lighting. You will find everything you need for your in-lite system over here. A beautifully lit garden not only gives your home the look it deserves, but also makes it less attractive to uninvited guests.

In-lite ground cable

This special cable for your in-lite garden lighting is available at any desired length. This system is specially built for easily connecting all in-lite fixtures with a so called easy-lock. That way, you can connect the in-lite garden lighting to the ground cable at any desired location. Installing in-lite garden lighting is easy and safe to do yourself. We will guide you through with a manual.

In-lite cable system

Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl delivers a complete range of in-lite. This is beautiful designed garden lighting with high-quality materials and modern and reliable technology. In-lite makes use of a 12 volt low voltage system. This is not only safe for humans and animals, but also very easy to connect yourself. You connect the ground cable for your lighting to a transformer. An in-lite garden cable is the choice when it comes to laying cables for your in-lite garden lighting.

Different kinds of in-lite cables

In-lite has 2 kinds of ground cable for installing your garden lighting:

  • 14/2 cable
  • 10/2 cable.

The numbers equal the thickness of copper on the inside of the cable. Cable 10/2 has a thicker core which means you can make longer distances. You can use the 14/2 cable up to 40 meters linear. This is the distance between the transformer to the furthest fixture. this cable is also suitable for 80 meters circular. the cable end also ends up at the transformer using the cable circular. You can use the 10/2 cable up to 80 meters linear and 160 meters circular.

Purchase an in-lite ground cable

You can purchase your in-lite ground cable fast and safely at Tuinverlichtingwinkel.nl. In-lite ground cables are energy efficient and easy to install yourself. Besides this you will receive a warranty of 5 years, and you will make use of a safe system. Of course we deliver the in-lite cable throughout the Netherlands including free delivery from €50 and up. Whether you need 25, 40, 120 or 200 meters, Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl has these cables in its range. When you order before 3:00 PM we will ensure it will be shipped the same day! Curious about more products of in-lite? have a look at the in-lite transformers!

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