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Suslight Ground Cable

Suslight Ground Cable
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Garden lighting will increase the atmosphere and will give a warm invitation to your garden. You have to use a Suslight ground cable to install Suslight garden lighting. Well placed Suslight fixtures will create the perfect atmosphere.

Suslight groundcable 24V Quick-Safe Connect System

The Suslight ground cable features a 24V Quick-Safe Connect system. This system is flexible, energy-efficient and allows Suslight garden lights to be placed up to 300 meter into your garden. You will create various transitions and can easily install your Suslight garden lights at the desired spots in the garden with a waterproof Suslight connector. Each transition creates a transmission resistance. Suslight uses high-quality materials and production techniques so that the transmission resistance is minimal.

Suslight ground cable is safe

It is wise to make a garden lighting plan before installing your Suslight garden lighting. A garden lighting plan helps your garden to pass smoothly into a nighttime oasis. You take into account ground cables and where to place your garden lights, such as Suslight wall lights.  You don't need to dig in the Suslight ground cable at a depth of 60 cm when installing Suslight garden lights. The 24V system is very safe, stable and reliable. There is no chance of shock hazard, making it very safe for playing children and (domestic) animals. A Suslight transformer with the right output is needed for optimal garden lighting. Take this into account when planning your garden project and check out the Suslight bollards.

Suslight ground cable M12 2-core

The right garden lighting is an essential part of your garden project, especially when the nights are falling. The Suslight ground cable is compatible and easy to connect to all Suslight garden lights, such as Suslight outdoor spotlights. The M12 with 2-wire male/female plug makes it impossible to connect the ground cable wrongly. The Suslight ground cable is available in 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 meter. So you can use Suslight garden lighting without a heavy Suslight transformer to bridge large distances without any problems. The ground cables have IP68 protection and  are completely dust-free and suitable for use underwater as well. The light will remain the same so you can enjoy your garden to the full at any distance.

Purchase Suslight ground cable

You can quickly and easily order your Suslight ground cable equipped with 24V Quick-Safe Connect System at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. Suslight offers a 5-year guarantee on Suslight ground cables. Have a look at our Suslight outdoor spotlights, Suslight ground spots and Suslight bollards before placing your order. You will pay no delivery charges if you order for €50 or more. You can also choose your preferred delivery date.

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