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Are you looking for stylish and practical orientation lighting? You are looking for ground spots that wil suit your garden. A ground spot is essential if you want to illuminate everything around your house in a subtle and energy-efficient way. We have everything you need, including accessories at Tuinlichtswinkel.nl. Illuminating the driveway, veranda, footpaths or shrubs: ground fixtures provide functional and atmospheric light.

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You can find an extensive range of outdoor garden lighting from different brands at our web shop. You will always find a model that suits your taste because the fixtures are available in different colors. Good garden lighting also gives you the pleasure of a garden full of relaxation in the evenings. It also ensures safety and will make your garden less attractive to uninvited guests. That is a nice feeling, so you can relax in your garden! Experience yourself how easy it is.

Ground spots for every garden

Choosing the right fixture is an art! We will help you choose the best ground spots for your garden as an online specialist in garden lighting. Finding what you need is the first step to enjoying your garden after dark. You can turn your garden into a safe and attractive place by subtly lighting your garden with ground spots. You can choose from several fixtures that provide a beautiful and functional light image, without drawing attention to the fixtures. Even if you are looking for a real eye-catcher, you have come to the right place.

Different styles of ground spots

You can choose from different styles thanks to our wide range.

  • The stylish in-lite ground spots are suitable for any garden and give a sleek impression. A surprisingly sleek example of this type of ground spot is the in-lite Flux.
  • The Suslight ground spots are perfect for highlighting unique features in your garden and are known for their durability. You can integrate the garden spots into paving stones, wood or gravel.
  • The Lightpro ground spots are an atmospheric solution to lighting problems on walkways, but can also be used as accent lights. You can consider dimmable lighting, such as the Lightpro Atik. This is ideal for setting appropriate light intensities during every season.

You can create atmosphere and depth outside with ground spots

It is important that you create atmosphere so you can fully enjoy your garden. It's is also possible to use ground spots outside on your driveway, so you arrive home safely and the area around your house will provide a safe feeling for you. That's not the only thing an outdoor ground spot can do for you. You will bring safety with a sleek ground spot in your garden, such as a Lightpro Onyx. These fixtures are perfect as garden path lighting to create special light images. You can also play with the light image by using accessories. You can use different sizes in spots, such as different fixtures from in-lite Puck for a more playful light image.

Ground spots outside: put your garden elements in a spotlight

Do you want to put your favorite garden elements in the spotlight? The eye-catchers of your garden should not only be given a prominent place during the day, but also in the evenings. Even larger objects can be stylishly given the right amount of attention with appropriate lighting. Lighting up a tree will give your garden something extra. A more powerful light beam produces the correct light image. The strong ground spots from in-lite Nero are an example of this. This series has the light image that your trees and shrubs deserve and is available in different strengths. You can also use the Lightpro Onyx series for fine accent lighting of plants. These ground fixtures have a warm light source and bring more atmosphere and intimacy to your garden. To determine which garden spot fits your garden element, you have to look at:

  • The size;
  • The angle of light;
  • The light range.

Refresh yourself with outdoor ground spots

Placing ground spots in your garden gives your garden an attractive and stylish look. Besides bollards you can a also place several ground spots on your driveway or garden path as safe indication lighting and be surprised by the beautiful glow it will create. You can easily install ground spots yourself. You don't have to be an electrician to illuminate your garden at dark times thanks to the handy systems of our brands. You can connect the outdoor lighting with motion sensors in such a way that it comes on when you want for a safe and attractive garden. Combine it with outdoor spotlights. Relax at home with ground spots as garden lighting.

Energy-efficient lighting with ground spots

Green is hip. That is why you will also make more sustainable choices when it comes to your ground spots. You will find energy-efficient garden lighting in our range thanks to smart LED technology. The LED ground spots outside also illuminate your green garden objects in a greener way. The sustainable systems use warm colors, so that the fixtures do not attract full attention, but you can continue to enjoy a green garden. Our brands are made of strong material and will last for years.

Choose sustainable ground spot

A Suslight ground spot consists largely of recycled material and is simply recycled at the end of its long life (approximately 70,000 burning hours). A durable and subtle example is the Susligt Small Terra Focus. This fixture is available in a square and round model. Because of the different strengths and colors there is always a spot that will suit your taste. The in-lite and Lightpro ground spots for your garden also have a long lifespan and use LED's. Many fixtures can be driven over. This makes the fixtures ideal for your driveway, where you can come home safely.

Durable outdoor ground spot

Do you prefer a sleek fixture that is durable? Garden ground spots such as the Suslight Sun do what they should do and will bring a warm oasis of light without drawing attention to the ground spot! Ground spots in your garden are the way to illuminate in a subtle way. With a fixture, such as the in-lite EVO Ground spot, you can create unexpected depth in the dark. Experience what light can do for your garden.

Lighting your garden with solar ground spots

Illuminating your garden with solar ground spots is a sustainable and energy-efficient way to light your garden in the evening. There are several brands on the market that offer solar ground spots, such as Luxform. These ground spots work on solar energy, which means that they charge during the day and turn on automatically in the evening when it gets dark. You don't have to connect electricity or replace batteries.

Solar ground spots are easy to install and can be placed anywhere in the garden. You can use them to illuminate paths, driveways, borders or garden statues. Because they are placed on the ground, they provide atmospheric and indirect lighting, which contributes to a cozy atmosphere in the garden. There are different types of solar ground spots available, such as ground spots with a motion sensor or timer. This can be useful if you want the fixture to turn on when someone walks by or to switch off automatically at a certain time.

Placing the ground spot in your garden yourself: surprisingly easy

You are not an electrician but you want to install your garden lighting yourself? No problem! You can connect the outdoor ground spots from Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl to low-voltage systems. These are professional systems that convert the current into a lower voltage, making it safer for humans and animals. You get started by placing your ground spot and connecting the fixture to the ground cable and then neatly hide it underground. It is important that you do not combine brands. That means: your Lightpro ground spots will only work with a Lightpro ground cable and transformer. Just like in-lite garden lighting, this uses 12 volts, but for your safety it can only be used as a matching system. The Suslight system and ground spots will use a 24 volt; just as safe, but with just a little more power.

To purchase ground spots at Tuinverlichtingwinkel.nl

Do you want to purchase ground spots? Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl is happy to help as an online specialist. You can turn a every garden into a safe and relaxing place with ground spots. You can also enjoy the outdoors in the evenings. You can order at our web shop and receive a 5-year warranty on your fixtures. You can pay securely and even afterwards if you want to. We ensure that your product is delivered free of charge throughout the Netherlands from €50. Did you place your order before 11:59 PM? We will ship your order immediately! Do you prefer to choose your own delivery date? No problem. Before you know it you will experience the power of ground spots yourself. Have a look at our pendants, outdoor spotlights, wall fixtures and bollards for a complete garden lighting set.