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Lightpro Goundlights

Lightpro Goundlights
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Are you looking for stylish orientation lighting? You are in the right place with Lightpro ground spots. Good lighting along garden paths and the driveway is a must for every garden. That is why you will find the complete range of Lightpro ground spots at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. This subtle functional lighting shows you the way in the dark and adds extra atmosphere to your garden. The right lighting will help you to keep out uninvited guests. Ground spots are a safe option. Have a look at the possibilities and be surprised what garden lighting can do for you.

Subtle lighting with Lightpro ground spots

You prefer to illuminate a garden subtly. A few fixtures may be eye-catching, but in the end it's all about the rest of your garden. That is why Lightpro has ground spots you can use stylishly and subtly along your garden path or driveway. How about the Lightpro Nomia? It is hardly noticeable during the day, but it will provide an optimal light image in the evenings when you process it between the gravel. The Onyx series is very suitable for accent lighting. This fixture with warm light source gives atmosphere and intimacy in your garden and is available in different sizes.

To install Lightpro ground spots yourself

Installing garden lighting yourself does not have to be difficult. Have a look at the 12 volt system from Lightpro. You can install the ground spots yourself if you have two left hands thanks to the professional and safe operation. This is due to convenient connectors. You can connect the female and male connector with one hand. It is  a matter of placing your Lightpro ground spots in the right place, unrolling a cable, placing connectors and connect everything. You can hide the cables a few centimeters underground. It's now time to enjoy a safe and attractive garden.

Economical Lightpro ground spots for every garden

A more sustainable light source is better for the environment and for your wallet. That is why Lightpro ground spots are equipped with sustainable LED technology. You will take good care of the garden and yourself. A ground spot fits into any garden and is therefore also a popular and subtle lighting solution. You can use the Lightpro Atik series and Lightpro Agate very stylishly between the gravel. You can use ground spots as accent lighting as well. You can use the Lightpro Onyx series for this. You will give special garden elements the extra attention they deserve.

To purchase Lightpro ground spots from your online specialist

Do you want to purchase Lightpro ground spots? We at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl are ready! You will always find the ground spot you are looking for with our wide range of fixtures. Order your favorite fixtures at our web shop. With an order from 50, - delivery will be free. Lightpro products comes with a 5-year warranty as well. Are you looking for even more garden lighting? Have a look at the Lightpro wall fixtures, Lightpro bollards and Lightpro outdoor spotlights.