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Garden Lights System explained | Innovative & Smart | Plug and Play

Would you like to enjoy a beautifully lit garden until late in the evening? With garden lighting you will ensure you get everything out of your garden even when it is dark. This allows you to sit attractively and relaxed on your terrace or in a veranda. It will help you find the way to your shed, back door or front door as well. That is not unimportant. Do you want stylish, attractive and options for smart lighting? Then Garden Lights will be the brand for you. From subtle ground spots to wall fixtures. The Garden Lights system works simply and offers convenience. We would like to explain to you how you can make sure you get the most out of your garden with Garden Lights outdoor lighting. What should you pay attention to when purchasing, how do you install it and how do you use the smart fixtures? Let's start: what exactly is it?

What is the Garden Lights system?

Garden Lights outdoor fixtures can be connected to a 12-volt system. An entire system to illuminate your garden, but why do you want this? It may sound a bit complicated, but it actually makes your life a lot easier! You can control all your garden lighting in one go from one central point. You can do this with a transformer. This device converts the 230 volt voltage from your socket into low voltage. This is a popular way to illuminate your garden, especially because it is very safe. Garden Lights uses innovative technology and is therefore a popular way to illuminate your garden. You will be enjoying your outdoor fixtures before you know it with our attractive and beautiful fixtures and a user-friendly system. The average installation time for a basic system with one or more fixtures is only 20 minutes. It is a matter of unrolling cables and connecting the fixtures at the designated locations if you have a lighting plan. You put together a set according to your taste and budget and easily expand it at a later time! You do not need any technical knowledge to install Garden Lights garden lighting. Ideal right?

The benefits of Garden Lights 12 volt outdoor lighting

What makes Garden Lights special? Besides being a reliable 12-volt system with a wide range of atmospheric fixtures, there are several advantages for this brand. It distinguishes itself with innovative technology and the possibility to set the color of your light. We will list the advantages for you:

Plug & Play. You can connect your outdoor fixtures to the ground cable in no time thanks to a handy connector. Unroll a cable from your transformer and place your garden fixtures on it. Process the cables briefly underground and enjoy your garden lighting

Safe. Thanks to 12 volt low voltage you are assured of a safe way of lighting. Not only during installation, but also when the system is in use. So don't worry about children playing or pets digging in your garden.

Smart lighting. Garden Lights has several fixtures in its range of which you can adjust the color from your phone. You can easily control your lighting from the couch on your smartphone or tablet!

Expandable. Connect new fixtures to your existing Garden Lights system at any later time.

3 year warranty. Garden Lights offers stylish fixtures of good quality. You are guaranteed to enjoy atmospheric LED lighting in your garden with a 3-year warranty.

Installing Garden Lights yourself in 3 simple steps

You can install garden lighting yourself. You can safely and quickly ensure that your garden is lit in 3 steps even if you're not a technician. You will enjoy well-deserved relaxation in your garden before you know it thanks to the simple operation of Garden Lights. Read a book in your veranda illuminated by wall fixtures and have an atmospheric dinner thanks to bollards around your terrace with these three steps:

  1. Connect the transformer; plug your Garden Lights transformer into a socket.
  2. Connect the ground cable; connect it to your fixtures to power them up.
  3. Connecting the fixtures; place your favorite fixtures and attach them to the cable.

Create a lighting plan in advance. Do you need some help with this? Garden lighting store is also happy to help you with the preparations for your Garden Lights garden lighting. Ask us for help or advice for your lighting plan, design, material needs and more. Do you already have a drawing or design from a landscape architect? We can easily give you good garden lighting advice right away with this.

The Garden Lights system in pictures

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Everything you need for your Garden Lights system

Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl has everything for your garden. From a transformer to outdoor spotlights for your pond, from ground cables to sleek wall fixtures for your fence. Basically you need three things for installing besides your outdoor fixtures. You will need a Garden Lights transformer, a ground cable of the same brand and a connector to connect your lights to the system. Garden Lights has a suitable solution for every garden, whether it is a large or small garden. We are happy to explain which one suits your garden best!

Garden Lights transformer

The Garden Lights transformer, is the basis and is essential for your garden lighting. But which one do you need? You will find three 'transformers' with different power in our range: 24W, 60W and 150W. The type of transformer depends on the size of your garden. The power that a transformer must deliver depends on how many fixtures you have. The installation value of all connected fixtures together may not exceed 80% of the transformer. You can therefore use the Garden Lights 24 Watt transformer for small gardens, the 60 Watt for a medium-sized garden and the 150 Watt for larger gardens. Still unsure which transformer you need to buy? You van ask us for advice.

Garden Lights ground cable

There are two options with the ground cable from Garden Lights: a fixed main cable or a Flex cable. The fixed main cable has standard connection points. You can connect your fixtures wherever you want to the Flex ground cable with a connector. The cables are available in several lengths. Extension cables are also available to hang wall fixtures at the desired height.

Note: it is important that the transformer and ground cable are of the same brand to prevent interference. You are also entitled to your warranty in the unlikely event that problems arise.

Garden Lights connector and other accessories

You need a connector to connect your outdoor fixtures to the ground cable. Garden Lights has a simple Female connector to connect your fixtures to your system in no time. You will receive this as standard with your fixtures. Handy accessories are available to provide you with all conveniences. The Garden Lights motion detector ensures that the lighting switches on when you or an uninvited guest walks by. This is ideal for your own safety. You can also control your lighting remotely with a receiver or with the Garden Lights Switch; a device that ensures that you can illuminate your lighting smartly from your smartphone or tablet.

Installing Garden Lights garden lighting yourself

You will learn how to easily install Garden Lights 12 volt outdoor lighting in the video below.

Garden Lights smart lights

You van enjoy smart outdoor lighting with Garden Lights. Garden Lights makes it possible to control your lighting from your phone and tablet thanks to innovative technology. To get even more out of your garden, it is even possible to give your garden more color in the dark. With a color wheel in the Garden Lights app you can adjust the atmosphere yourself. Discover which fixtures you can use for this (these are also available as a starter set):

Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl for your Garden Lights outdoor fixtures

Do you want Garden Lights outdoor fixtures? Enjoy all the benefits of this system. Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl is ready for you as an online garden lighting specialist. You may still have some questions left about the best lighting for your garden. How many fixtures do I need? Where do I choose orientation lighting and where do I want mood lighting? We would like to think along with you and help you out. You can send us a message at the chat and we will help you with the desired advice for your garden. Experience what lighting can do for your garden.