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My in-lite fixture does not work anymore, what to do?

'My in-lite fixture does not work anymore, what to do?' It's a question we sometimes hear from customers. It's very annoying if your garden lighting stops working properly and you obviously want a solution to solve this. We understand this like no other at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. In this blog, we list the possible causes and solutions for garden lighting that no longer works. From easy-fix to using warranty: there is always a solution for you.

You want to enjoy long beautiful and warm evenings outside during the summer. You want to relax in your garden, so you can properly unwind. You don't have to tell us how important atmospheric lighting is for this. Does your lighting no longer light up and are you afraid you have a defective in-lite fixture? You don't have to worry immediately, this does not have to be the case. A fixture which no longer burns can have several causes, which you may be able to solve yourself, like problems with your Easylock. We have made a list with several causes for you.

Causes of a defective in-lite fixture.

The in-lite fixtures use durable LED technology and 12-volt garden lighting. LED has a long service life of around 25,000 hours. This is many more than halogen lamps, which work with filament. So it lasts a long time. It does not necessarily mean that the fixture is broken when a fixture does not burn. It could be that the Easy-Lock, the connector between the fixture and the cable, is not properly connected. Although the fixture does burn at first, it may even fail after some time. So you have to check the connection first. You can also check all your garden lighting yourself by checking if:

the reset button should not be switched on;

there is voltage at the transformer socket;

the low-voltage cable is correctly connected to your transformer.

Check if your Easy-Lock is defective.

Testing the Easy-Lock* is simple and we are happy to explain this to you. Remove the black plug of the Easy-Lock from the non-burning in-lite fixture and take a fixture that does work. Now disconnect this plug and connect that plug to the non-burning fixture. You know that the fixture is not the problem if the light works, but that the connection of the Easy-Lock is incorrect. Unscrew the Easy-Lock, remove the cable and check that the pins are still straight. If this is the case, simply reattach the Easy-Lock and tighten it firmly. After this, the fixture will light up again. Do you want to see how to do this? Watch the video in which Jack explains how to get your garden lighting working again.

Text continues below the video.

in-lite warranty application for defective in-lite fixtures

It is possible that there is something wrong with the fixture or Easy-Lock that cannot be solved just like that. It is possible to make a warranty claim. The invoice or purchase receipt is important for this, so keep it safe! You receive a 5-year in-lite warranty. It is important that the products, such as fixtures and transformers, are connected according to the instructions in the manual and not connected to another 12-volt cable or transformer. You can't figure out what is wrong? You can contact us at info@tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl or call 03200 200 400. Looking to replace your garden lighting or accessories yourself? In our product range* you will find all your favorite in-lite products. Read more about how to assemble garden lighting. Also check out our other garden lighting tips.

* https://www.tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl/in-lite

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