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Lightpro Smart System

Are you ready for a smart garden? Innovations will make life easier. This is the idea at Lightpro as well. Prepare your garden for the future with a Lightpro Smart System. With the same simplicity that you are used to from Lightpro lighting, but now from your phone. Time to illuminate your garden smartly with the Lightpro NXT Switch. What does this mean? We will explain it to you.

Do you want to switch on your garden lighting from your phone or garden lighting when it gets dark? This is now possible thanks to smart outdoor lighting. You can illuminate your garden in a smart way with the right equipment and your favorite outdoor fixtures. The Lightpro system is ideally suited for this. Their garden lighting and installation is characterized by innovations of the F-connector and can therefore not be left behind with smart technology. The NXT switch helps you to automate your outdoor lights in an instant.

What are the benefits of Lightpro Smart System with NXT Switch

Switching to smart outdoor lighting for your garden is a godsend: it will bring convenience and simplicity for operating your outdoor lighting. That's  a reason why you choose an Lightpro Switch. You can easily use this smart switch for the 12 volt system with the free Lightpro app. You use this gadget to control light zones remotely and separately from each other. You will never get home in the dark again and you will prevent fixtures continue to burn unintentionally. You need a Lightpro Switch for each light zone or branch. You can easily set your lighting yourself at the Lightpro App. This is available for iOS and Android, so it is important that you have a smartphone or tablet with one of these systems.

To install a Lightpro Switch in your garden

The Switch must first be placed in the garden before you can get started with your smart setup. You can easily install your Lightpro Smart System yourself. It is just as user-friendly as you are used to from Lightpro. You can connect the Lightpro NXT Switch in 3 ways:

  1. Placing the switch between the transformer and main cable to control a light zone.
  2. On 1 branch if you want to control 1 light zone separately.
  3. On each branch when you want to control several light zones separately.

You can confirm the NXT Switch in two ways:

  • On a wall. You need to use a wall bracket with included screws to mount it on the wall.
  • In the ground. You can use the corresponding plug up to the marking, after which you place the NXT Switch on it, to place the Lightpro Switch in the ground.

Set up your Lightpro Smart System with the Lightpro App

The benefits are known and you know how to connect the Switch, but how do you use it? You have to go through a number of steps in the special Lightpro App to get started with the smart outdoor lighting from Lightpro NXT. It is important that your lighting is turned on for this. You have to create an account in the app. After this you set up a network to which you link your products. You can also choose an existing network. After this you add products and give them a name, after this it is time to create zones and scenes. For 1 switch you can create 1 light zone. You can select the right products from the Lightpro system for each zone to store. After this you can get started with 'scenes'. With scenes you can save the favorite setting of your smart products in the Lightpro app. You can consider setting a timer. Do you make use of a light-dark sensor? You cannot use a timer and a Switch at the same time.

This is the basis of the Lightpro app. It is also possible to add products later. Do you want to have a look through the steps in the app? You can read the manual of the Lightpro App for this.

Your questions about the Lightpro Smart System will be answered

You can now get started with setting different light zones in your garden. You can go to Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl for all your questions about your Lightpro Smart System. We are an online specialist in the field of garden lighting. Order it today and we will ship your Lightpro Switch and other products directly. In this article you learned everything about the Lightpro Smart System. Do you still have some questions left? Have a look at the extensive Lightpro NXT manual or contact our customer service by email or telephone.