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Lightpro System

The Lightpro system is an ideal and safe way to install your garden lighting. It is a 12 volt lighting system and works with low voltage, Which makes it user-friendly. The system consists of a Lightpro transformer, Lightpro ground cables, Lightpro connectors and stylish fixtures. Lightpro has a wide range of stylish fixtures, but how do you get the system started? You will be enjoying atmospheric garden lighting before you know it in a few steps and with an award-winning connector for your fixtures.

What is a Lightpro 12 volt system?

Lightpro garden lighting uses 12 volt low voltage. This is done to illuminate your garden in a safe and accessible way. You don't have to be an electrician to connect your favorite outdoor fixtures in your garden without any problems. It is a way to easily control your garden fixtures. 230 volt voltage is converted into low voltage thanks to a transformer. A big advantage of this is that cables don't have to be buried deep underground. It is called Plug & Play for a reason, You will provide your Lightpro garden fixtures with the correct voltage for a pleasant light image. With this you illuminate your terrace, fence or your garden paths in an attractive way.

What is the advantages of Lightpro garden lighting

Why do you have to choose Lightpro? That's a valid question with plenty of answers. Lightpro has garden fixtures with a unique design, is easy to use and safe. There are several reasons to install Lightpro fixtures in your garden. All advantages of Lightpro garden lighting in a row:

✔ You can get started right away with Plug & Play.

✔ Safe to use; also for children and animals.

✔ Dimmable lighting available.

✔ Easily expandable with innovative connectors.

✔ 5 year warranty; will ensure years of light enjoyment

You can dimm your lighting with a Lightpro system

You will find even more practical results of the Lightpro system at our web shop besides handy accessories such as extension cables and connectors. We understand that you want a garden that fully meets your wishes. Even in the dark your garden must shine, the way you want it to. A number of special fixtures are available to create the desired light image. It is possible to dim certain outdoor fixtures up to six different positions. You can create the optimal light image suiting your garden. The Lightpro Oberon DL even has interchangeable plates to adjust the light beam. Discover the possibilities of garden lighting with Lightpro.

Smart technology distinguish the Lightpro system

The Lightpro system is not only user-friendly and safe, but it also has smart applications. Your garden lighting can of course not be left behind now that the world is becoming more and more 'smart'. That is why there are more possibilities than just using a light sensor or an motion detector. The Lightpro NXT Switch smart will help you to switch the lighting on and off in seconds. The gadget works together with the Lightpro app to control your lighting from your smartphone. You will always prevent your lights from being on too late or too long. It is possible to set and control different light zones as well. Read more about lighting your garden smartly with Lightpro.

Simply connect Lightpro garden lighting yourself

A major advantage of the professional Lightpro system is that it is easy to connect. Lightpro uses a Plug & Play system. The lighting is connected with a transformer, available in 24W, 60W and 100W. This ensures that voltage is applied to the fixtures. Connecting is easy due to the award-winning female connector and the powerful transformers.The system is easy to expand as well. The male connector is available for making branches on your ground cable. Connecting your favorite fixtures is no problem with this connector either. You can complete your system with the handy Lightpro accessories.

Transformers for your Lightpro 12 volt system

You need electricity to power your lighting. You can arrange this with the Lightpro transformers. The high voltage (230V) is converted to a lower voltage of 12 Volt. Which transformer you need depends on the wattage of your fixtures. Add the wattage of your fixtures together and have a look at the VA rating of the transformers. We recommend not using more than 90% of the available power. Place the transformer at least half a meter above the ground with the on-button down. You will find the following splash-proof transformers in our range:

To install a Lightpro ground cable

The voltage for the Lightpro system is supplied from the transformer by means of ground cables. This is necessary to supply your fixtures with power. Lightpro ground cables are available in different sizes:

  • 25 meters;
  • 50 meters;
  • 100 meter;
  • 200 meters;

Do you want to connect a fixture and do you need an extension cable to cover some extra distance?  You will also find Lightpro extension cables of 1 meter and 3 meters in our range.

Installing garden lighting step by step

It's time to get started with installing your garden lighting with the right supplies and knowledge in your pocket. You can connect a Lightpro system in just a few hours if you get started after proper preparation. Follow our step-by-step plan explained below.

This video also explains the whole system in a few steps. Text continues below the video.

Step 1: Start safely

It is good that you remove the voltage in advance to start as safely as possible. This is also the safest option when you want to install a new system. You connect the voltage again when you start testing. Make sure you are well prepared by going through all the instructions carefully.

Step 2: Prepare the supplies

It's time to grab your stylish Lightpro fixtures as an the next step. Place the fixtures where you have drawn them on your lighting plan. Then unroll the cable along the fixtures in your garden. You have to start with the main cable and don't forget to seal the end of the cable. Then you can place your fixtures.

Step 3: Connect lighting

You'll start by placing the connector F on the main cable so you can connect the lighting. Take the cable from the fixtures and connect it to the F-connector. You can then tighten this in an instant. This makes the F-connector an award-winning and innovative gadget from Lightpro.

Step 4: Create branches

It is possible that some fixtures are not located along your main cable. You can place an extra cable next to the main cable to make branches. You have to connect the F-connector to this cable as well. Then attach the connector M to the cable of the branch. You can connect the two connectors and you are done making the branch after this. You can hide the Lightpro ground cables close to the ground, but it is best to leave them above the ground until you are finished.

Step 5: Connect the Transformer

You have to take the starting point of the main cable to connect your transformer. Plug it into the Y connector first. Connect the Y-connector to the transformer by tightening the connection. Now your entire garden lighting system is ready for use.

Step 6: Test and Finish!

It is time to test the lighting before you can enjoy an attractively lit garden. Now it is even easier to identify and solve any problems. Switch on the voltage and you will see the fixtures lit. Does a fixture not work? Check whether the connectors are properly connected and whether your Lightpro system is not overloaded. You can hide the cables once everything is connected properly. Now it is the time to enjoy a beautifully lit garden. You can be proud of your garden and yourself!

Create a lighting plan for your Lightpro lighting

DO you want to be prepared before you will install your garden lighting? Don't forget to make a lighting plan in advance. You can draw your garden and see the the most important garden elements in a light plan. You can then draw the required functional and atmospheric lighting. You can look at the placement of the ground cables and you can get started with the knowledge you now have in your lighting plan. Do you want to know how to make a lighting plan? Read more in our blog about 'making a lighting plan in 5 steps'.

Lightpro lighting at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl

Do you want to use the Lightpro system? We have exactly what you are looking for at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. From transformers to connectors, you can order it easily at our web shop. You can enjoy an attractive Lightpro garden before you know it. Select the products you need and you can choose the desired delivery date. Delivery will be free of charge for orders from € 50, -. You are assured of a safe payment method thanks to Thuiswinkel Waarborg. You will also receive a 5-year warranty from Lightpro. Do you want to install a Lightpro system with stylish fixtures? Have a look at our Lightpro wall fixtures, Lightpro bollards, and Lightpro outdoor spotlights.