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Lightpro | TRANSFORMER 100 Watt

100-230 Volt / 100,0 Watt



3 - 4 weeks delivery time

Is your garden lit well after dark? Are you remodeling your garden or looking for a new lighting solution? Functional and attractive garden lighting is essential for any home. It gives a pleasant and safe feeling around your house. Well-lit paths that show you the way in the dark and an atmospheric place to relax in the evening: you can create it with Lightpro garden lighting. You will give your garden the attention and appearance it deserves by using professional and durable outdoor lighting.

Professional and safe Lightpro garden lighting

Lightpro garden lighting stands for professional and safe garden lighting. The brand develops all the outdoor lighting itself. This ensures value-for-money. The Lightpro 12-volt system is also easy, quick and safe to connect. This allows you to install your favorite outdoor lights in no time. You will always find a type of fixture you need because of the various styles and types of fixtures. You will let your garden bloom even after dark with matching outdoor lighting. We do not only have the outdoor lighting you are looking for but also transformers and ground cables. You will find the following in our range:

Lightpro popular and stylish garden lighting.

We select only the best products as experts in garden lighting. That is why we have atmospheric and stylish outdoor fixtures from Lightpro that will give something extra to your garden.  You can let your favorite garden elements shine in the dark with the Lightpro Juno range. Create an intimate atmosphere with bollards or stylish wall fixtures to fully enjoy the evening hours on your terrace or in your porch. A fine example is the wall fixture Lightpro Kuma. This fixture has an exclusive look with a beautiful warm white light. Not to be forgotten: every garden needs orientation lightning. Subtle ground spots like the Lightpro Onyx range will show you the way, but can also serve as accent lighting.

Lightpro garden lighting to connect yourself

A big advantage to the professional Lightpro system is the simplicity of connection. It is known as a Plug & Play system. This is partly due to the award-winning female connector. This one-piece connector connects in a blink of an eye. Would you like to expand the system with additional garden lighting later on? The male connector is available for making branches on your ground cable. Connecting your favorite fixtures is no problem with this connector as well. The handy Lightpro accessories allows you to complete your system.

Innovative Lightpro garden lighting as a lighting solution

You choose innovation if you choose Lightpro garden lighting. This garden lighting brand distinguishes itself not only with the female connector, but also with smart products. The Lightpro NXT Switch-smart certainly comes in handy in an increasingly smart world. You can control your garden lighting from your smartphone in combination with the Lightpro app. Lightpro was the first garden lighting brand in the world to make it possible with a 12-volt outdoor lighting system to dim your bollards, spotlights and wall lights. The Lightpro Castor range is dimmable just like the powerful Lightpro Avior in different settings. This allows you to light up garden elements according to your wishes.