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Lightpro outdoor spotlights

Lightpro outdoor spotlights
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An outdoor spotlight is an essential fixture for any garden. It will provide a subtle functional light, but above all it brings atmosphere to your garden. We know the importance of a nice garden in the evenings like no other at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. That is why you will find the complete range of Lightpro outdoor spots in our range. This is ideal for illuminating your terrace, veranda, pergola or pond. You can highlight the most important garden elements in a stylish way. Create depth and a pleasant outdoor environment with Lightpro outdoor spotlights.

Create atmosphere with Lightpro outdoor spotlights

Have you thought about how to bring your garden to life in the dark? Lightpro outdoor spotlights are not only functional. A stylish appearance and creating an intimate atmosphere are also characteristic futures of this outdoor fixture. We have a wide range of fixtures for highlighting your favorite garden elements. The Lightpro Juno 2 helps you to make lower plants shine in the dark and provides a pleasant environment to sit outside on your terrace. The powerful Avior is there for you to illuminate the largest garden objects. Do you want to illuminate your pond? You can use the Lightpro Nilus for this.

Illuminate your garden the way you want with Lightpro outdoor spotlights

A garden should be a place where you can relax. That is why the Lightpro outdoor spotlights will match your wishes. The Lightpro Castor range consists of dimmable outdoor spotlights. That makes the fixtures a unique lighting solution for your garden. You can choose your favorite fixture and adjust the light intensity to your taste and season. The Juno series is perfect for accentuating garden elements, just like the Nova series. For a versatile outdoor spot, choose the Lightpro Quartz. This outdoor spotlight can also be used as a wall lamp. The stylish and modern design complements any type of outdoor lighting.

Connecting Lightpro outdoor spotlights in no time at all

Do you want to install your garden lighting yourself? You can simply install your outdoor spotlights yourself thanks to Lightpro's professional and safe 12-volt system. You don't have to be an electrician to get started. This is partly due to the handy connector. You can connect the female and male connector with one hand. It is also possible to switch your garden lighting on and off with a timer. The Lightpro NXT Switch goes one step further. You can control your smart system from a user-friendly app and determine when the lighting goes on and off.

To purchase Lightpro outdoor spotlights from your online specialist

Do you want to purchase Lightpro outdoor spotlights? You will make your garden an illuminated oasis of peace. You can enjoy your garden optimally even in the dark. You can order outdoor fixtures easily and quickly at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. Choose your favorite fixture from our complete range and order today. With an order above 50, - we will deliver for free. You can also choose the desired delivery date yourself. Do you want to complete your garden lighting? Have a look at Lightpro ground spots, Lightpro wall fixtures and Lightpro bollards.