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Are you looking for user-friendly solar lighting? Luxform has exactly what you need for an atmospheric garden in the evening hours.

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You want to enjoy your patio as long as possible. You will obviously need lighting although it is much lighter than the winter days. Luxform's solar lighting is the ideal solution for this. It is a quick, safe and also an easy way of lighting. You can create a cozy place by converting solar energy into electricity. With an extensive range you can find a suitable fixture for every spot in your garden. All you have to do is find a spot that is sunny enough during the day.

Luxform garden lighting for everyone

The big advantage of Luxform is its simplicity. You don't need a complete system like you need with 12-volt lighting. It's just a matter of placing the fixture, make sure you have enough sunlight and enjoy your garden lighting. You do this by turning the fixture on with a switch and off later in the evening. You can easily light your garden path, terrace, gazebo and plants. You will find the following fixtures in our range, among others:

Luxform solar energy: Solar intelligent hybrid lighting

Most of Luxform's outdoor lights use Solar Intelligent Hybrid technology. This is intelligent energy management that ensures you will always have enough light. The battery will be optimally charged by placing the fixture in a sunny spot during the day. With the included USB cable you can easily provide the fixture with an extra charge when it is in the shade during the day or when there is no sun for a few days due to bad weather. It is also possible to set the light output slightly lower during winter, so the energy is better distributed. This way you know that you are always provided with enough light in your garden.

Battery lighting from Luxform

A number of fixtures are available as a table fixture, pendant or bollard. An example is the Luxform Chelsea. These fixtures work on battery lighting. The fixture has a charging port that you can easily power by a USB cable. This is a quick and easy way to light up your garden. So you do not need a transformer and don't need to depend on sunlight.

Installing solar lighting in your garden

Do you want to use solar lighting? Luxform has the solution for you. You can choose the atmospheric Luxform Samba, or choose the natural looking Luxform Nebreska. There is a suitable fixture for every spot in your garden. Experience for yourself what this lighting can do for you. You can order easily at our webshop for your favorite garden lights and we will make sure it is shipped immediately. Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl delivers orders from € 50, - for free to your home. Do you want to make a lighting plan and can't figure it out where to place the fixtures? We are happy to help.