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Outdoor lighting

Do you want to enjoy being outside for as long as possible or feeling safe when it's dark? You will need the right outdoor lighting for your garden. It helps you find your way along the garden path, sit comfortably behind the house until late in the evening and stylishly put your favorite tree in the spotlight. An outdoor light brings atmosphere and intimacy to the terrace or your veranda and scares off unwanted guests around your house. Isn't that what you want? We have the best outdoor lighting for you at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. You will find system lighting such as 12-volt garden lighting or separate outdoor fixtures such as solar garden lighting or 230-volt garden lighting in our range. What kind of fixtures suits your garden best?

Individual fixtures

Are you looking for a few individual outdoor fixtures for your entrance, shed or balcony? There is no need to install a whole garden lighting system. You can connect 230-volt garden lights directly to your network. A wall fixture near your door for example. Are you looking for an outdoor light with sensor, for example? Luxform's solar garden lights are a good option. Solar garden lights are easy to install, run on solar energy and will create atmosphere and a safe feeling.

Advantages of an outdoor lighting system

Connecting multiple outdoor fixtures is easy with the Plug & Play systems in our range. 12-volt garden lighting is popular for its simplicity and safety. The low voltage will easily illuminate all outdoor lighting in your garden. You control all lighting from one central point: the transformer. The fixtures are powered by connecting them to a ground cable. It is important that you only use one system. This prevents malfunctions and not unimportant: you will keep your guarantee. We explain the differences between our systems below.

in-lite outdoor lighting

High-quality and stylish design lighting from in-lite is popular. Choose your favorite design with these high-quality lights for any application in your garden. In-lite's 12-volt system is known for its design, but also certainly for its reliability and safety.

Lightpro outdoor lighting

Lightpro's outdoor lighting also runs on 12 volts and is known for its innovation. The professional garden lighting brand is safe, atmospheric and has a sleek design. You can turn a garden into an atmospheric and relaxing place with Lightpro garden lighting. The range includes dimmable lighting and can be made smart with the NXT Switch.

Garden Lights outdoor lighting

Are you looking for a budget choice with lots of 'smart' options? Garden Lights outdoor lighting is user-friendly, safe to use and expandable. The system can be controlled from your phone with a smart accessory, the Switch. This makes it easy to control your smart lighting. It also has several lights in its range which light color you can adjust. This allows you to customize the garden lights for every setting and season. You can give your garden extra color after dark!

Suslight outdoor lighting

Suslight lighting is known for its durability. You will find fixtures with an extra long lifespan made of recycled materials in its range. Go for fixtures with a natural look which makes your garden even greener. 24-volt garden lighting is a trademark of Suslight. A way to cover even longer distances in your garden.

Luxform solar garden lights

Intelligent solar garden lighting in a sleek design. Luxform is the energy choice. Luxform's user-friendly and decorative solar lighting is pure ease. Light up your patio, balcony or garden without wires on solar energy. You will always find atmospheric lighting that will suit your taste with our wide range of table lamps, bollards and wall fixtures. Most of Luxform's outdoor fixtures use Solar Intelligent Hybrid technology. This is an intelligent energy management system that ensures you will always have enough light.

Outdoor lighting: which outdoor fixture should you choose?

We have a lot of fixtures in our range. Outdoor lighting for your garden will come in all shapes and sizes. Do you want a large outdoor fixture or a small one, a square outdoor fixture or a DISC-shaped fitting? The application of the lighting is very important. Ask yourself this question: what do I want to en light? You can use the Garden Lamp Finder so you can find a suitable outdoor lighting for your garden! Use wall lights or spotlights as outdoor lighting. Take a look at the different types of outdoor fixtures below:

Decide which outdoor fixture suits you

Whether you like a natural look, a modern lighting solution or an outdoor fixture that surprises, each brand has its own type of fixture. The main difference is its functions. You will find outdoor lighting with a sensor at every brand, but Suslight, does not have a timer function or motion detector. Check out the different outdoor lighting systems here. Decide what is important to you when it comes to outdoor lights. You can see the most important features at a moment's notice. Another important question is: what is the function of your garden lighting? You will find the right fixtures for every application in our Garden Lamp Finder.

Smart outdoor lighting

Do you want to make your home smart? A garden can also keep up with the latest innovation. Do you want to control your garden lighting remotely? You can take your smart home outside as well. You can control everything from your phone or tablet. Create groups with your outdoor lights. Lightpro, Garden Lights and in-lite have a special app where you can set different scenes and routines. This means you no longer have to do anything manually. There are a lot of possibilities with smart outdoor lighting. Would you like lights that are dimmable? Lightpro has the perfect garden spotlights for this and in-lite has a unique method of dimming based on body heat. Check out the in-lite DISC. This fixture is dimmable by body heat. Are you looking for lighting that can change color? Garden Lights smart outdoor lighting has a wide range of lights whose color can be adjusted by a app.

To purchase outdoor lighting

Are you looking for outdoor lighting for your garden? Compare the systems, choose your favorite fixtures that suit your taste and then order easily and quickly at our web shop. You will even get free home delivery if your place an order from €50 and up. You will receive a five-year in-lite warranty, in addition to an energy-efficient fixture. Want to know more before you buy new lighting? Check out our template for a lighting plan. Or check our website for more inspiration before buying an outdoor fixture.

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