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Outdoor lighting with sensor

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Are you looking for outdoor lighting with a sensor? This is ideal when you often come home late at night. You will find different types of outdoor sensor lighting in our range. Are you looking for outdoor lighting with a twilight sensor or outdoor lights with a motion sensor? We can help you to decide by looking at the benefits and applications.

The advantages of outdoor lighting with a sensor

You will give a number of extras to your garden if you place LED lighting outside with a sensor. We are talking about benefits in the field of energy efficiency, convenience and safety. This is exactly what you need to enjoy your garden optimally even in the dark. We have briefly summarized the advantages.

  • You are always assured of good visibility;
  • You will scare off burglars;
  • The lights will never be on for too long;
  • More economical lighting.

Where should you pay attention to when purchasing outdoor lighting with a sensor?

Are you looking for outdoor lighting with a sensor? You have to take into account a number of factors. The detection distance is important for the motion sensor and the duration of the light after detection. It is possible to adjust this to your wishes with many garden lighting. This also applies to a light-dark sensor. Do you want to purchase this accessory? You need look at the light sensitivity range.

Outdoor fixtures with a sensor

 You will find 12 volt and 24 volt garden lighting in our range that works with a transformer. When a transformer works with a twilight sensor, this immediately works for all your connected lighting. This means that the lights turn on automatically when you enjoy a summer evening on your terrace. The lights will switch on when you walk by when you connect a motion sensor. This is perfect for a garden path or driveway. There are separate garden fixtures with a motion sensor. This is ideal for places where you only need a few fixtures, such as your entrance or balcony.

In-lite lighting with sensor

Do you have in-lite garden lighting? Your transformer is always equipped with a light-dark sensor when you use the 12 volt lighting. In-lite has a separate motion sensor for the transformers HUB 50 and HUB 100: the in-lite MOVE. You can set this according to your wishes. The MOVE detects movement up to 10 meters away and turns on your lighting for 1, 3 or 9 minutes. Do you have a SMART HUB 150 and do you want to get even more out of your smart outdoor lighting? The in-lite SMART MOVE is a wireless motion sensor that you set in the in-lite app. The move charges using solar cells.

Luxform solar lighting with sensor

Are you looking for solar outdoor lights with a sensor? Luxform has user-friendly and sustainable solar-powered lighting with a sensor. The battery will be optimally charged by placing the fixture in the sunlight during the day. You can also use a USB cable to charge the fixtures if the weather is a bit less for a few days. It is also possible to set a lower light output so that your fixture can illuminate longer. The Arizona Solar is an ideal solution as a bollard. Are you looking for an outdoor wall fixture? You can choose the Luxform Oregon Solar or Wisconsin Solar.

To purchase outdoor lighting with a sensor

Do you want to purchase garden lighting with a sensor? You will find what you need for your garden at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. We are also happy to help you to make the best choice as an online specialist.You can ask our garden lighting expert for advise at our chat. Have you already decided what you want? You can order easily at our web shop. We will ship orders immediately and they will be delivered free of charge from € 50! Have a look at our smart outdoor lighting and get the most out of your garden.

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