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When you are looking for atmospheric garden lighting, Garden-Lights garden lighting is often the best choice.

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Do you want to illuminate your garden attractively without too much effort? A well-lit garden helps you to find your way in the evenings, but lighting your garden in style can do so much more. It will be like a second garden and will give you even more time to relax. That's exactly what Garden Lights is for. Garden Lights garden lighting is easy to use and will give your garden something extra in the dark. You will always find a Garden Lights starters set that suits your taste with an extensive range of fixtures and styles. The 12-volt lighting is also easy to use.

Garden Lights outdoor lighting is everything you're looking for:

Your garden path and your terrace are the most important places to illuminate in your garden. You also want to put plants, trees and other garden elements in the spotlight when you make a lighting plan. For everything is a suitable way of lighting. This brand has everything you're looking for. You will always find something in your style or taste whether you are looking for spotlights or striking fixtures. Garden Lights offers an extensive range:

Illuminate your fence with Garden Lights

Do you need outdoor wall fixtures? Placing lighting along the fence or walls is wise to create a safe feeling around your house. You will also find your way in the dark more easily with sufficient light. Garden Lights also has wall fixtures for outdoor use, such as the Garden Lights Celeta. This is a modern fixture. Are you looking for something classic? The Callisto wall fixture is a perfect choice in this case. Do you prefer a sleek solution without too much fuss? The Gilvus and the Goura are ideal options. These fixtures are also available in a smart version.

Garden Lights as Garden path lighting

Do you want to illuminate your driveway with Garden Lights? Garden Lights ground spots or the Garden Lights bollards are an easy way of lighting your driveway. Easy to install and easy to operate thanks to the 12 volt system. Garden lights can make the difference at night with subtle ground spots that provide more than enough light along your garden path or driveway. Do you want an eye-catcher for the daytime as well? You can place bollards along your garden paths. In the form of lanterns or pedestals. You can find it at our web shop.

Illuminate your terrace atmospherically

With the outdoor lighting from Garden Lights you can create a more intimate atmosphere in the evenings. You can stay outside longer during the summer evenings. You can use bollards around your terrace, wall fixtures in your garden house and light up your plants with Garden Lights garden spotlights. Bring color to the garden with the smart fixtures such as the Garden Lights Focus Plus and Garden Lights Arcus Plus.

Garden Lights: smart lighting in color

Everything is getting smart nowadays. You want to illuminate everything in your home with one touch on a button. You can also enjoy all the conveniences in your garden with Garden Lights. A pleasant warm white light will be wonderful along your garden path or as patio lighting. Some places in your garden can also use some color in the dark. You can give the smart plus fixtures the color you want. Easily control the outdoor lights in your Garden Lights app. You can set your lighting in the light tone you want by using the color wheel. You can always easily access it again by saving this as a scene.

You can easily install Garden Lights garden lighting yourself 

Garden Lights 12v lighting is designed to install yourself. It's safe, even if you're not an tech-savvy. You can install this do-it-yourself garden lighting in an instant. You will need a Garden Lights transformer, ground cables and your favorite fixtures. Thanks to a Plug & Play system you are ready in 5 steps. You have to choose a suitable transformer depending on the amount of fixtures first. This will bring the voltage to your fixtures. You can also make branches where necessary with the right accessories, such as the Garden Lights Flex Connector Male. Do you prefer to see it for yourself? Learn everything you need to know in the video below with Jack.

Simple and stylish lighting for every garden

Do you want to illuminate your garden simply and stylishly? You don't have to look any further. Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl has everything you need to get started with Garden Lights. Order your transformer, ground cables and outdoor fixtures easily at our web shop. You have ordered before 11:59 PM? We will send your package immediately. Orders from € 50, - we will ship for free. You will also receive a 3-year Garden Lights warranty on your lighting. Ideal right? Experience yourself what garden lighting can do.