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In Lite

In Lite

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in-lite | ACE Flat Grey | Bollards

12 Volt / 3 Watt

Staand armatuur ACE geeft een strijklicht dat geschikt is voor het verlichten van een pad of oprit. ..


In Stock

in-lite | ACE Down Flat Grey | Wall lights

12 Volt / 3.0 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE DOWN geeft een gerichte bundel licht en is geschikt voor montage aan een muur of sc..


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in-lite | ACE Down Flat Grey | Wall Lights | 230V

100-230 Volt / 4.5 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V is uitsluitend geschikt voor aansluiting op het netstroom. Dit maa..


In Stock

in-lite | ACE Down Silver | LED | Wall lights | 230 Volt

100-230 Volt / 4,5 Watt

Wandarmatuur ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V is uitsluitend geschikt voor aansluiting op het netstroom. Dit maa..


In Stock
Smart LED

In-lite garden lights is the best choice if you are looking for atmospheric garden lights. The lighting makes your garden a pleasant living environment, even in the dark. In-lite garden lighting is also known as 'easy to install'. In-lite always has the right solution for your ideas if you have thought about the places and fixtures in your garden. Are you planning to install ground spots in your garden? In-lite has special ground lights for this. Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl offers the complete range of in-lite garden lighting, including accessories! Have a look at the entire in-lite system.

In-lite fixtures

In-lite lighting has a wide range of fixtures. So you can light up your garden any way you like. Combine orientation lighting with atmospheric lighting in different styles. You will find:

In-lite garden lighting will fit in every desired place in your garden.

You connect any in-lite fixture to the special in-lite garden lighting ground cable at any desired location thanks to its Easy-Lock system. Expanding the number of lights on this system is easy. You can even install it yourself. Are you going to purchase garden lighting? You will have the option of customizing your lighting which suits your needs and budget. In-lite garden lighting fixtures made of aluminium or stainless steel and state-of-the-art LED technology give your garden the look it deserves. An added benefit is that uninvited guests will prefer to avoid your garden. Complete your garden with our ground spots, outdoor spotlights, bollards, wall lamps, pendant lamps and surface-mounted fixtures.

Dutch design, 5-year guarantee, energy-efficient and safe

You will buy a modern and reliable garden lighting system that looks great both during the day and in the dark with the new HUB transformers, special in-lite ground cable and in-lite fixtures. All in-lite HUB transformers are equipped with light/dark sensors and can be used with a MOVE motion detector. An in-lite SMART HUB-150 is available which you can easily control with your smartphone if desired. You will always have full control of your in-lite outdoor lighting at your fingertips.

Tuinverlichtingswinkel, your online specialist for in-lite outdoor lighting

In-lite garden lighting is well known among gardeners. The reason is simple: a gardener wants to work with materials that will last a long time and have the least chance of failure. In-lite is convinced about its products. The five-year warranty is proof of that. Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl easily and quickly delivers in-lite garden lighting to the businesslike garden sector, but for the DIY garden enthusiast as well. This makes buying garden lighting a treat for everyone. Don't forget to have a look at the right transformer, ground cable and matching accessories. See what light can do, in-lite!

Frequently asked questions about in-lite lighting

Service is important at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. That's why we are happy to help you answering questions about in-lite garden lighting. You can also ask us questions about installation and inspiration of garden lighting. You have a question about buying garden lighting, but your answer is not listed below? You will find more answers in our FAQ.

What is in-lite lighting?

In-lite is a brand for a sleek and beautiful lighting system. In-lite garden lighting can be easily installed yourself. The different types of lighting turns your garden into a pleasant living environment, even in the dark. This allows you to enjoy your garden even more. Also have a look at Lightpro and Suslight lighting.

Can I install in-lite garden lighting myself?

Installing in-lite garden lighting does not require any technical skills. The principle of this lighting system is simple, quick to achieve and also easy to expand and adapt. Making a lighting plan in advance is always useful. You can do the installation yourself. Need help anyway? Have a look over here for more information.

Where to purchase lighting from in-lite?

You can purchase in-lite garden lighting quickly and easily at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. You will find the complete in-lite range at our web shop. We have outdoor spotlights, ground lights, wall lights, bollards and also all the accessories with which you can literally transform your garden into a paradise in no time. Light up your garden with Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl.

To compose your in-lite garden lighting

Do you want in-lite garden lighting in your garden? Have a look at our web shop and choose the garden lighting you like. In-lite is 12-volt garden lighting. This means that you also need an in-lite transformer and in-lite ground cables for installing your fixtures. 12-volt is a safer and simpler way of lighting. Also have a look at the in-lite accessories to make your garden lighting complete. Don't forget to make a lighting plan when decorating your garden. Pay attention to sufficient ambient and orientation lighting. You are not sure if you have enough fixtures? You can ask us for advice. We are happy to help you with all your questions about in-lite and lighting your garden. Want to know more about in-lite? Click here for more information.

Order In-lite garden lighting set online

Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl has been an in-lite specialist for over 15 years and offers a complete in-lite range in the Netherlands (and Belgium). We are happy to help you choose the best in-lite garden lighting products which suits you and your garden best. Have a look at the in-lite outdoor spotlight range, for example.