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Solar Garden Lighting

You can sit comfortably in your garden in the evening in the dark with the help of the sun. You can do this with solar garden lighting! It is an increasingly popular form of lighting. It is easy to install, simple to use and also provides good light. Discover our range of solar lighting.

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You are nowhere without light in your garden. During the day you can relax when the sun is shining, but you also want to enjoy the outdoors when you come home after a hard day of work. Outdoor fixtures are therefore essential in the evenings. It shows you the way and brings atmosphere, so you can relax. Looking for a simple and sustainable way of lighting? Solar garden lighting is then ideal.

What is solar garden lighting?

Solar garden lighting uses solar energy. The solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy. It is temporarily stored in a rechargeable battery until you want to use it. The LED lighting is supplied with sufficient power in this way. Garden lighting can be placed wherever you want as long as the sun can reach the panel. Place the solar outdoor fixtures in a place where they get enough sun during the day. This gives you more than enough power in the evenings to enjoy a well-lit garden for hours.

Benefits of solar lighting

What are the benefits of solar garden lighting? We like to look at the best way of lighting as an online garden lighting specialist. How does solar garden lighting differ from other types of lighting? We are happy to explain this to you. The strongest features in a row:

✔ Green: you use solar energy to illuminate your garden or balcony this is an natural solution.

✔ Wireless: you do not have to install any cables because the solar panels already provide the power.

✔ Easy to install: place the fixtures where you want, you are not dependent on an entire system or socket

✔ Long Life: Solar outdoor lights will last for years

✔ Inexpensive: after purchasing your outdoor fixtures, you will no longer pay money for energy costs.

Solar balcony lighting

Do you have little outdoor space, but do you want stylish and atmospheric light in the evenings? Solar lighting for your balcony is ideal for this. You make it wonderfully cozy by placing a few lights that provide sufficient light. You can use cozy table lamps and bollards for this. You will also find atmospheric outdoor spotlights that you can put in a border, for example. Do you want solar lighting for your fence? There are easy-to-assemble wall fixtures you can use around the house.

Luxform solar lighting

You will also find the stylish lighting from Luxform in our range. This brand has quality and cheap solar lighting. It uses the Solar Intelligent Hybrid technique. This is an intelligent energy management with which you are always assured of enough light. The battery is optimally charged by placing the fixtures in a sunny spot during the day. With the included USB cable you can easily provide it with an extra charge. Luxform has solar garden lighting with a motion sensor. Your garden lighting will always turn on when needed. Handy at your front door, the garden path or a shed.

Sufficient lighting with solar during bad weather

Many people wonder if you are assured of sufficient light with solar garden lighting. Having solar fixtures in a sunny spot will ensure enough power. It is cloudy or rainy, but you still want to light up the garden in the evening? No worries. The fixtures still uses solar energy, but charging will be a little slower than you might to be used to. Solar light batteries are getting better and better. Some fixtures have rechargeable batteries. You will need less light in the evening hours in winter. The lighting is especially important as orientation along your garden path. Sufficient energy will be generated for this, so you can safely find your way to the front door or shed. How long do you need lighting in your garden? Check per fixture what the maximum battery life is, when fully charged. 

Solar lighting: light output in lumen

The light output of a fixture is indicated in lumen. It tells you something about the brightness of the light and this determines what the lighting is suitable for. A fixture with a low lumen output might be enough for orientation lighting, such as lighting your driveway. You will need more light to create atmosphere on your terrace, so you can read a book or have a cosy dinner. A handy rule is: you will need 300 to 400 lumen to illuminate 1 square meter. The amount of lumen emitted by an outdoor fixture also affects its output. Fixtures with a high light output, often consume more power. This may reduce battery life. Have a look at the specifications of different products for this. 

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Can't wait to enjoy your new garden lighting? Are you looking for a good solar lighting offer? Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl has what you need and will ship your order today. Choose the best solar lighting at our web shop and pay safely online thanks to our Thuiswinkelwaarborg. Still looking for some mood makers for your garden? Check out the Luxform Chelsea or Luxform Samba and you will enjoy your summer evenings at home before you know it.