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Switching to Suslight garden lighting.

Your garden lighting can grow as your home, garden or style changes. Garden lighting not only enhances ambiance, but also provides a degree of security. You can safely walk along a paved walkway at night, or create an illuminated place to spend time at the end of the day or evening hours. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are two key concepts that go very well with garden lighting. LED is the most energy-efficient form of lighting, making garden lighting more sustainable and environmentally friendly than ever before. LED lights can be switched on and off without obstructing their lifespan. Switching to energy-efficient garden lighting will be much more efficient and it also improves sustainability and cost savings.

Innovations of Suslight garden lighting

A well-designed lighting plan focuses on ambience, safety and prevention according to Suslight. Suslight's innovations contribute to a safer, smarter and more sustainable world. Suslight designs and manufactures modern, stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly garden lighting. Suslight garden lights are equipped with Osram LED lamps. The Cree & Samsung chips have a lifespan of 70,000 burning hours. This is sometimes three times longer than other garden light producers. The fixtures have IP67 protection and high impact resistance IK06/08/09. The IP rating scale reflects how effectively the light source is protected from external factors. The impact resistance defines the level of protection against external mechanical influences. The light quality of this garden lighting is 2700K warm light which is very good and nature-friendly. 

Suslight garden lighting with 24V Quick-Safe Connect System

Suslight garden lighting offers the best quality low-voltage lighting systems. The 24V Quick-Safe Connect System works on voltage ranges around 3, 6, 9 and 12 Volts. This system has lower voltage losses. The biggest plus of the 24V power supply is the ability to span longer distances without the need of a heavy transformer. You connect the system with the fixed Suslight ground cables available in 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 metres. You can install Suslight garden lighting wherever you want with the Suslight connectors. You can easily connect the complete system without the need of a screwdriver. The 24V Quick-Safe Connect System is stable, reliable and very safe for both people and animals. Use Suslight transformers of 52 Watt and 100 Watt for trouble-free connection and light use.

Suslight garden lighting is energy efficient

Suslight garden lighting has been awarded 2 times for "Best For The World Honoree" awards and is a B-Corp certified sustainable business. Suslight garden lighting meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. Suslight uses recycled resources besides producing sustainable and Eco-friendly garden lighting. Suslight's fixtures can be recycled after a long service life thanks to the "designed for disassembly" principle (recycle, reuse, repair and refurbish). This principle takes into account the end-of-life of garden lighting. Design for disassembly makes it possible to replace materials and components and recycle old parts. Suslight emissions are very low due to transport by train. This means low energy costs and low energy consumption. The packaging of Suslight garden lights is reused. A 5-year warranty period applies to the entire range. Quality over quantity is the key to unique gardens with sustainable Suslight garden lighting.

Suslight garden lighting: sustainable and aesthetic

It is equally important that garden lighting is both energy efficient and aesthetic as sustainability and environmental friendliness are an increasingly relevant part of the design process. The Big One Oak RVS is an aesthetic free-standing bollard made of oak and stands almost 1 meter tall. The Big One Oak RVS with its unique indirect lighting offers minimal light pollution with maximum light output. You can combine Suslight bollards with modern, sleek Suslight wall lights. You can choose the Square Rust finished in rustic coating for example. This combination brings out the natural atmosphere of your garden through the chosen material and colour. Have a look at the wide range of Suslight outdoor spotlights and Suslight ground spots to complete your garden lighting.

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