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in-lite | system 12V | plug & play | 5 years warranty | safe

in-lite | system 12V | plug & play | 5 years warranty | safe
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Do you want a beautifully lit garden? The in-lite system will be something for you. The in-lite 12 volt garden lighting system is easy and safe to install yourself. You can connect any in-lite fixture of your choice to the in-lite system at any location of the special in-lite ground cable. You get a system that can be configured according to your wishes and budget, as a result. You don't have to limit your choice with in-lite. Curious for more? Take a look at the in-lite Scope!

To install the in-lite system: how does it work

This is an important advantage of the in-lite system as said before. You can install the in-lite system yourself easily. You can install your fixtures with the special Easy-Lock system. When these are connected with the low voltage main cable (12v) you are able to control it from one place. It even switches on and off automatically if you want to. What is needed for this? Roll out the cable from a transformer, connect a fixture, and you're done. The cables do not have to form a closed system: the cable can end anywhere randomly. You process the ground cables under the pavement, or they can be covered in the borders with some soil for example. Fixtures with halogen lighting or LED lighting can be connected together on the same cable.

The advantages in a row

The in-lite system has several advantages. To get a good picture, we have listed these for you.

12 volt low voltage: From the transformer, which is connected to the 230 volt mains, a low voltage cable comes out to which you connect all fixtures. This makes the system absolutely safe, even if the cable is accidentally damaged. That's a comforting thought, especially with children playing or digging pets around.

5-year warranty: In-lite pays a lot of attention to the technical perfection of all fixtures. When you purchase an in-lite system you receive a 5-year warranty on the construction of the fixture this is no coincidence. This warranty applies to all LED lighting.

Easily to install yourself: installing your garden lighting yourself? This is not only easily to do but will give you satisfaction as well. You don't have to be an electrician to transform your garden to an attractive and pleasant outdoor environment. You can do this yourself easily. The in-lite system is plug and play.

Quick installation: technical knowledge for installation in not necessary. The principle is simple, quick to realize and also easy to adjust. The average installation time for installing a basic system is only 20 minutes! You can easily start installing your outdoor lighting with a lighting plan. It is a matter of unrolling cables and connecting the fixtures. Your garden lighting is easy to expand modular by simply splitting and connecting the cables.

Service for a beautiful garden

Do you need help installing the in-lite system? Click here for more information about the construction and products of in-lite. We are happy to help you. Hence: unhide your garden with in-lite and Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl! We are also willing to help you with the preparation of your in-lite garden lighting. Do you need help or advice for a lighting plan, design or material requirement with a drawing or design by, for example, a landscaper? We are willing to give you good garden lighting advice.

Purchase the In-lite system from your online specialist

Do you want to purchase an in-lite system? You have come to the right place at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. We are happy to help you create an attractive and beautifully lit garden. Choose the fixtures, transformer and cables you need and order them easily via our online store. We will ensure your order is shipped immediately when ordering before 3:00 pm. delivery is also free when purchasing from €50 and up! View our range of outdoor spotlights here.

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