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in-lite | transformer | plug & play | 5 years warranty | safe

in-lite | transformer | plug & play | 5 years warranty | safe

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Especially for in-lite garden lighting you will find the In-lite HUB transformer in the range of Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. This is the center of your in-lite system. This transformer converts the voltage for the fixtures, so you will have the best quality lighting in your garden. A beautifully lit garden not only gives your home the look it deserves, but also makes it less attractive to uninvited guests. You can enjoy your garden undisturbed, even when it is dark.

In-lite HUB- transformer: powerful and simple

Do you want to purchase a transformer? in-lite has multiple transformers for you. All models are powerful and easy to control. This makes it possible to find a transformer which suits your garden and wishes. The in-lite HUB-50 is a transformer with a maximum installation value of 50 VA. this transformer is equipped with a light and dark sensor and a timer. The in-lite HUB-100 transformers also have these functions, but are transformers with an installation value of 100 VA. Both models are easy to control with an 'Easy Touch' touchscreen. It uses four settings:

  • Permanent on: your garden lighting will always be turned on
  • Dusk till dawn: your garden lighting will turn on when the sun goes down and will burn until the sun rises.
  • Timer: your lighting will turn on when the sun goes down and will shut of by a set time.
  • Motion: your garden lighting will turn on by a MOVE- motion detector and will turn of after 3, 6 or 9 minutes.

In-lite smart HUB

The smarter version of a HUB transformer is a SMART HUB-150. This powerful transformer does not only own a higher installing value of 150 VA, but is also connectable to your smartphone. In-lite has developed a special app to control the transformer. You make contact by a safe and stable Bluetooth connection to control the lighting in your garden. You can adapt your garden lighting to your needs in combination with three separately switchable outputs.

In-lite HUB transformer safe and easy to connect

Starting with a few fixtures is a great advantage of in-lite. With just a transformer and a ground cable you can connect any 12 volt in-lite fixture at any desired location. Expanding your in-lite system later on with additional fixtures is no problem at all. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that you do not exceed the transformer's rating. This is often not a problem with the new LED fixtures. These fixtures are energy efficient and easy to connect. In-lite outdoor lighting is therefore easy and safe to install yourself. Make sure that the wattage of the lamps is lower than the power of the transformer. You will enjoy your garden lighting for years to come when this is the case.

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