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Suslight Transformer

Suslight Transformer
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A well designed garden lighting project will transform your garden. Garden lighting will provide a secure access to stairs, front doors and driveways. A warmly lit walkway will add an element of security when welcoming visitors. Safe garden lighting is also very important besides safe access. You can use a Suslight transformer with which you control your Suslight garden lighting for safe garden lighting.

24V Suslight transformer

You will create a low-voltage system with a transformer. The transformer efficiently and safely converts electricity (230V AC) to direct voltage (24V DC). This allows you to use a lower voltage but your outdoor lighting will still shine bright. There are also no risks such as shock hazards for people and (domestic) animals. This makes the system very safe and reliable. Low-voltage lighting is environmentally friendly and easy to install. It is an excellent option to highlight the garden at night and increase safety in the garden. It will also helps to generate lower power costs.

Suslight transformer: 52 watts, 36 watts and 100 watts

Use one of the Suslight transformers for an optimal operation of Suslight garden lights. Choosing the right transformer is crucial and depends on the number of fixtures and wattage's of the lamps. The total wattage should be lower than the VA rating on the transformer. This will ensure you have a compatible Suslight transformer suitable for your garden. You can use the Suslight transformer 52 watts (112,000 burning hours), Suslight transformer 36 watts (82,000 burning hours) and Suslight transformer 100 watts (82,000 burning hours) are suitable for large groups of garden lights. The connected bulbs will flicker or not light up if you connect garden lighting to a low wattage transformer.

Plug & Play with a Suslight transformer

One of the advantages of a transformer is installation. It is a simple process that is affordable and complete. On the primary side of the Suslight transformer is a euro plug. The other side features the 24V Quick-Safe Connect connector. You plug the plug & play fixtures directly into the transformer. Plug & Play systems are very simple and are designed for fast, tool-free installation. You need to place the transformer horizontally. Make sure the connectors are properly tightened for a watertight system. Thanks to the 24V Quick-Safe Connect System, it is possible to place the Suslight LED garden lights at a maximum distance of 300 meter. Even places in the garden where you hardly ever go can also be illuminated with your Suslight outdoor spotlights. The 24V Quick-Safe Connect System is only suitable for Suslight garden lights with 24V. Professional installation by a licensed electrician is required for your 230V garden lighting. The dusk to dawn switch switches on at dusk and off at sunset. Would you prefer to decide yourself when your garden lighting switches on or off? you can install the dusk to dawn  switch with a timer. 

To purchase a Suslight transformer

You will have a 5-year warranty on transformers from Suslight. Suslight transformers have an IP67 standardization making them weatherproof so they can also be placed outdoors. Purchase your Suslight transformer quickly and easily at Tuinverlichtingswinkel.nl. Do not forget to order Suslight connector and Suslight ground cables. For orders over €50, - you will pay no delivery costs.

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