To illuminate a tree with a groundspot

To illuminate a tree with a groundspot

Do you want to illuminate a tree with a ground spot? You can provide your garden a little extra with powerful and atmospheric lighting. Take a look at our range and learn how to illuminate a tree in style.

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Suslight | SMALL CALLA 1.1W

24 Volt / 1,1 Watt



3 - 4 weeks delivery time

A tree is the heart of the garden or an expressive garden element: a tree stands out and gives character to a garden. It deserves attention even in the dark. You can enjoy the apple of your eye even after dark with stylish fixtures and atmospheric lighting. To make the right decision of lighting can sometimes be a challenge. That's why we will give you four tips to help you make the best choice for a ground spot or outdoor spotlight to give your tree the attention it deserves! Learn how to light your tree in style.

1. Illuminating a tree with a ground spot or outdoor spot?

The first question is what type of fixture do I want. Do you use a ground spot for lighting a tree or do you choose an outdoor spot? A ground spot is easy to work into the ground and lights a tree from below. It has a luxurious look and if necessary, you can also incorporate it into a hard surface. An outdoor spot is even easier to place in your garden. You're done in no time thanks to the ground stake. The light is adjustable and these fixtures can be hidden between plants around the tree.

2. Determine the light range of the ground spots for your tree

It's time to think about the light display you want to use to light the tree now that you know what type of fixture you want to install. With the right measurements when lighting the tree in mind, it's time to look at the light angle and light range of the garden spotlights. You need to look at the light range to see if the beam can illuminate the entire tree. You have to look from the fixture to the top of the tree to determine the required light range. Ground spots like the in-lite BIG FLUX have a powerful beam. They are suitable for lighting multi-stemmed trees, but also for illuminating facades. See what suits your tree

Fixtures with a large light range: 

3. With what light angle do you want to illuminate your tree?

The lighting angle you need is determined by the top of the tree you want to illuminate. Does the tree have a narrow top or a wide crown? The in-lite BIG SCOPE NARROW (14 degrees) actually gives a very narrow beam and the beam angle of the in-lite BIG SCOPE is wider (50 degrees). A wider beam angle can also be a choice to provide more ambient lighting in the garden. Outdoor spotlights are easy to adjust. This means you can also adjust the beam of light while you already have placed them in the ground.

4. Lighting a tree in a style that suits your taste

The fixture you choose depends on your taste. This is the last, but not least, tip we would like to give you. Do you want a real eye-catcher in your garden as lighting or should your tree stand out? The Lightpro Avior, for example, is a very eye-catching spotlight. A spotlight, like the Suslight calla will stand out much more. Do you choose a stainless steel look like the Lightpro Agate or would you like the chic black look of the in-lite NERO? It's up to you!

The best ground spot to illuminate a tree

Have you observed our 4 tips? It can be useful to work them out in a lighting plan. You can choose the place for your ground spot based on the location of the tree and take into account all the other light in your garden. This will give you an overview of what kind of lighting is needed. Choose your favorite fixtures from our wide range and, before you know it, you will be enjoying a beautifully lit tree. Also check garden path lighting or outdoor fixtures for a border for even more inspiration!