12, 24 & 230 volt: explaining the differences

12-volt, 24-volt and 230-volt garden lights. Solar lighting is also a possibility. We have it all at our web shop. But this can be quite overwhelming or confusing and will raise questions. What are the differences between solar lighting and voltages? When do I choose which type of lighting? We do understand these questions. That is why we are happy to explain the differences between 12 and 230 volt garden lighting as well as discuss what 24 volt garden lighting is.

What are the different voltages of garden lighting?

Let's get started with 230-volt garden lighting. This is garden lights which can be plugged directly into the wall socket. Do you want to place a wall fixtures outside by your front door? A light by the shed? 230-volt lamps are suitable for this. You use your lights without a system and can power your fixtures directly from a power point. So all you need is a power point and a stylish outdoor fixture.

The most well-known and simple way to light up your entire garden is a 12-volt outdoor lighting system. It is easy to install, safe and reliable. The 230-volt voltage from the mains power is converted to low voltage. This can be achieved thanks to a transformer. Because there is less voltage on the lights, it increases safety. The cables do not have to go deep underground. In short: safer and more user-friendly to install yourself. Even with two left hands.

24 Volt is most comparable to 12 Volt garden lighting. You can easily cover longer distances in your garden with this system. You can relocate your lighting wherever you want and you do not have to worry about the voltage of the cables. The system is also easy to expand, just like a 12 volt system.

The advantages of outdoor lighting in a row

It is useful to know the advantages of the types of lighting to properly explain the differences.

The benefits of a 12 volt garden lighting system

How does 12 volt garden lighting differ from other types of lighting? We are happy to explain this to you! This type of lighting has a number of practical advantages, making it safer and easier to use. The advantages of 12v lighting in a row:

✔ The low-voltage system is safe to use, for animals and children.

✔ Get started right away with Plug & Play.

✔ Economical with LED lighting, this is better for the environment and your wallet.

✔ Can be installed yourself, even with two left hands.

✔ Ground cables do not need to be buried deep underground. Installing garden lighting with a 12-volt cable avoids you have to turn your whole garden upside down.

✔ Expanding your system is easy thanks to the system's structure and smart connectors.

The benefits of a 24 volt garden lighting system

How does 24 volt garden lighting differ from other types of lighting? We are happy to explain that to you! 24 volt LED lighting is a successor to 12 volt garden lighting and has many of the same advantages. We'll tell you more about the differences in a moment. First, the advantages of 24v lighting in a row:

✔ Easy to use: simple lighting with Plug & Play.

✔ Reliable: longer cable lengths with less voltage loss.

✔ Sustainable: economical LED lighting, better for the environment and your wallet.

✔ No shock hazard: safe, also for children and animals thanks to low voltage.

✔ Expandable: easy to add more fixtures later on. 

The advantages of 230-volt garden lighting

✔ No transformer needed. You do not need to install a whole system.

✔ Ideal for single lights at your entrance, shed or balcony.

✔ Connectable to existing power network.

What are the main differences between 12, 24 and 230 volts?

12 volt, 24 volt and 230 volt garden lighting. You'll find it all in our web shop. But it can also be quite overwhelming or confusing. What are the differences? When do I choose which type of lighting? We do understand these questions. That is why we are happy to explain the differences between 12 and 230 volt garden lighting and discuss what 24 volt garden lighting is.

Differences between 12 and 24 volt garden lighting

As you can see from the advantages 12 volt and 24 volt garden lighting are very similar. 12 volts is the most well-known system for garden lighting. Brands like in-lite use this for safe lighting. The 24 volt low voltage can travel longer distances than 12 volts. Because the voltage is higher with 24 volts, 12 volts is seen as an even safer way of lighting. This is 24 volts is used by Suslight, for example.

Differences between 12 volts/24 volts and 230 volts garden lighting

Many people want many fixtures in their garden. The best way is to work with a 12-volt system lighting. You can control all your garden lighting from one place. The 230-volt voltage from the wall socket is converted into a safe voltage that allows you to install your own garden lighting. You place 230-volt outdoor lighting directly in the wall socket. This is ideal when you want 1 light at your entrance, such as a beautiful up-down lighter. The advantage is that you don't need cabling or a transformer.

Solar garden lighting

We also have solar garden lighting in our range. When do you choose this? It is ideal when you go for convenience, a sustainable choice and don't need a lot of garden lighting. An ideal brand for this is Luxform. The main features in a row:

✔ Green: you use solar energy to light up your garden or balcony, so it's a natural solution.

✔ Wireless: the solar panels powers the fixture. You don't need any cables. 

✔ Easy to place: no socket needed, place it wherever you want. On legs or with a ground stake.

✔ Long lifespan: solar garden lights last a long time.

✔ Cheap: no more energy costs after purchase.

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